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Dermot Hudson

Dermot Hudson is a leader of the UK Korean Friendship Association. and a member of the New Communist Party of Britain.

He was formerly a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain in the 1980s.


  • Studied at Thames Polytechnic
  • Studied History with English Literature at University of Winchester
  • Went to Peter Symonds College



Dermot Hudson is a member of the New Communist Party of Britain.

Communist Party of Britain Derbyshire Branch

Communist Party of Britain Derbyshire Branch public Facebook page members include Dermot Hudson.

Communist and Socialist Friends

Communist and Socialist Friends is a public Facebook group associated with the Communist Party of Britain.

Members include Dermot Hudson.

North Korea's man


North Korean delegation

Dermot Hudson September 15 2018. ·

The delegation outside the Mangyondae Schoolchildrens Palace giving the clenched fist salute. I must say after my visit to the DPRK and despite the appalling incident with the suitcases , I actually feel younger and rejuvenated . Also energetic and mentally strong .

I will fight harder for the Juche idea and against capitalism , imperialism , revisionism and big power chauvinism ! May Juche spread throughout the world !


— with Shaun Pickford and Mitchell Wells of KFA Scotland, Alex Meads, James Taylor UK KFA Communications Secretary.

North Korea London reception

September 2013 Communists and Korean solidarity activists joined diplomats, journalists and business-people at a lunch-time reception at the DPRK embassy that was opened by DPRK ambassador Hyong Hak Bong last week.

The leaders of the New Communist Party of Britain and the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist–Leninist), Andy Brooks and Michael Chant, were there along with veteran London communist Monty Goldman from the Communist Party of Britain , who was jailed for two months for protesting against the Korean War, as well as Daphne Liddle, the joint editor of The New Worker, and Dermot Hudson from the UK Korean Friendship Association.

The event, at the south London headquarters of the RCPB (ML) kicked off with a spirited rendition of the DPRK national anthem and the Song of Kim Il Sung by the violinist Lesley Larkum, who has recently visited Democratic Korea. This was followed by the screening of a documentary covering the recent visit of a RCPB (ML) delegation to Democratic Korea produced by one of their own comrades.

Comrades heard lively eye-witness reports from comrades who took part in the recent 60th anniversary celebration in the DPRK of the Korean people’s victory in the Fatherland Liberation War in July. Michael Chant, Lesley Larkum and Dermot Hudson painted a vivid picture of Democratic Korea which is led by Kim Jong Un and guided by Marxism-Leninism and the Juché Idea and also determined to struggle for reunification and defend its socialist path.

Other friends of Korea, like John McLeod of the Socialist Labour Party and Theo Russell of the New Communist Party of Britain, who have also been to north Korea, joined in a general discussion that ended with an appeal from Hyong Hak Bong for everyone to go to the DPRK, if they can, and see for the new life for the Korean people with their own eyes.[1]

Friends of Korea

“The world is full of distorted information about Korea,” Comrade Jong In Song from the Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea told a north London seminar June 2006.

The seminar was organised by the Friends of Korea coordinating committee and chaired by Harpal Brar with a platform that included Andy Brooks of the New Communist Party of Britain, Michael Chant of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist–Leninist); Godfrey Kramer of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) and Dermot Hudson from the British Juche Society.

And it took place against a background of rising threats from the United States concerning DPRK plans to test a missile.Comrade Jong continued: “Why are the Americans currently attacking Korea?”he asked.

“Today is the 56th anniversary of the start of the US war against Korea –the Fatherland Liberation War. Why do we still commemorate this year? And why is the western press still hostile to the DPRK?”

Comrade Jong gave a detailed account of the events leading up to the war that began in 1950. This was just five years after the Korean people, led by Kim Il Sung had thrown out the Japanese imperialist occupation forces.[2]