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Dennis Barneby is a retired teacher who has devoted his time and attention to helping the John B Kelly Elementary School in the Germantown section of Philadelphia revitalize their outdoor space. To this end, he became the chairperson of the Kelly Green Project, which along with local Hansbury Garden, has turned part of the school's asphalt "playground" into a garden space

Communist Party USA

On June 1, 1975, Dennis Barneby was elected both to the District Board, and as a member of the District Committee of the Pennsylvania Communist Party at the Party's District Convention.[1]

Communist Party MLK tribute

On January 19, 2002, the Communist Party USA newspaper, Peoples Weekly World published a signed tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr..

We salute Dr. King’s courage and vision. He saw and struggled for an America and world that can be. We pledge in his memory to work to reorder our nation’s priorities “so that the pursuit of peace will take precedence over the pursuit of war.”

Signatories included Dennis Barneby. Almost all signatories were confirmed members of the Communist Party USA[2].

Communist Party tribute

In July 2007, the Communist Party USA paper Peoples World published a tribute "We salute Joyce Wheeler" to retiring Baltimore public school teacher and Communist Party member Joyce Wheeler. Dennis Barneby signed the tribute page. Most of the more than 100 signatories were identified Party members.[3]

2003 PWW banquet

Philadelphia’s annual People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo banquet took place on Nov. 4. Those in attendance heard Toronto trade union health care activist Doug Allan describe the struggles of the Canadian people in their fight to keep universal health care.

While chairing the program, Dennis Barneby compared the articles in the local newspaper to those in the PWW.

“Where else can you read about what’s really going on throughout this country and the world?” asked Barnebey. [4]

Birthday greetings to Gus Hall

The following contributors to the World 1996 Fund Drive sent birthday greetings to Gus Hall, national chair, Communist Party USA. People's Weekly World, 21 December, 1996 - Dennis Barneby.

Education Crisis


Ron Whitehorne, June 2013 was on a panel on the education crisis at the Social Science Forum at the W.E.B Dubois Bookstore in West Philadelphia, along with Karel Kilimnik, Dennis Barneby and Dr. Mahdi Ibn Ziyad from Camden.


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