Denise Roche

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Denise Roche

Denise Roche is a New Zealand Member of Parliament.


Educational and vocational qualifications RMA Hearings Commissioner, Graduate Diploma in Not-For-Profit Management, Diploma in Labour Studies, Certificate in Journalism.[1]

Previous occupations

Auckland City Councillor (2007 -2010,) six years as a community waste educator, 16 years as a union official, four years in aged care, short stints as a journalist, clerical worker, cleaner, singing telegrammist.[2]

Other work experience

(Including voluntary/unpaid) Te Huruhi Primary School trustee (2004 - 2010); Greenpeace New Zealand trustee and voting assembly (2006 - current;) Junk to Funk Recycling in Action Extravaganza - event organiser (2003-2005,) Waiheke Childcare committee (2000-2002) Working Women's Resource Centre, member (1985 - current),various roles; WWRC Union Made Choir, guitarist (1997 - 2003).[3]


1991 Student Job Search Auckland, article in Craccum 22 anti unfair work practices.

Union Made Choir

1998 - member of Union Made Choir, a subcommittee of Auckland Working Women's Resource Centre.[4]

May Day concert, Palmerston North/Cubans

"SATURDAY, MAY 4 2013, REGENT ON BROADWAY, PALMERSTON NORTHA great night of fun and solidarity in the form of song, music, dance and performance art from community groups and individuals throughout New Zealand and beyond.

The MayDay Cup is presented by a panel of judges to the outstanding group / performer on the night Peter Conway (Secretary, NZCTU), Denise Roche (Green Party MP), Maria del Carmen Herrera Caseiro (Cuban Ambassador), Axel de Maupeou dAblieges (PNth Cultural Coordinator), Chris Teo Sherrell (Palmerston North City Councillor).

The event was organized by organized by Dion Martin (coordinator) Manawatu MayDay Coalition, for Unions Manawatu.[5]

Denise Roche, centre

The event was exploited by the Cubans present for propaganda purposes.

In this memorable proletarian environment, Cuba spread the message of international solidarity and the Cuban flag waved proudly atop the stage in front of over 500 people who participated in the evening. As special guest of the organizers of the event, the Embassy of Cuba was represented by the Counselor Manuel Sánchez Oliva, who was part of the jury of the concert and conveyed the greetings and support of the entire working people of Cuba.
Various cultural events graced the stage, blending the beauty of dance, music and song with emotional messages of unity, solidarity and the fight for the rights and aspirations of workers.
The occasion was also conducive to pay fitting tribute to the Five Cubans unjustly imprisoned in the U.S.. The band "The Brazen Hussies", who participant in the concert, dedicated their song "Bella Ciao" to the Five Cuban patriots amidst a clamor for their release.
The case of the Five was also given wide publicity through the promotion and sale of the Pathfinder book entitled "The Cuban Five, who they are, why they were framed, why they should be free."[6]