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Democratic Socialists of America Bloomington-Normal Chapter is an Illinois chapter of Democratic Socialists of America.

2021 leadership


Democratic Socialists of America Bloomington-Normal July 25 2021:

BloNo DSA returned to in-person meetings with a virtual option this month! For those who couldn't make it, we reflected on the importance of personal & collective wellness & celebrated the newly elected & appointed leaders:


The Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus made their first steps into the Bloomington-Normal community July 2021 but plans to spend the next several months working to build their base to become a resource, as an extension of the Democratic Socialists of America Bloomington-Normal.

“With AFROSOC, I see it as a way that we can move forward to actually improve the community through community-based activities and a community-based focus on giving the people what they’re asking for,” said Anthony Overton, a founding member of the caucus.

The caucus, which was part of a national DSA initiative, was established this spring. It stands independently from the local DSA chapter but has access to all of the DSA’s resources, “just as a space for socialists of color that are members to have their own organizing space pretty much and feel safe within that community,” said Sonny Garcia, one of the caucus’s volunteer organizers.

“For the next six to 12 months, we’re just going to be focusing on base building and we’re going to be doing that through community outreach events like we had Saturday … followed by political education,” Garcia said. “It’s definitely not an overnight process. This is going to take years to really honestly build this organization to have the capacity to have the power to influence our local elected officials to pass laws and ordinances or what have you that actually help the people in the community.”

Overton said the main reason he was interested in AFROSOC even though he is not a Bloomington-Normal DSA member was because he hopes to engage with members of the community who have become disenfranchised with the political system.

“At the end of the day, regardless of who somebody supports, I just simply want people to make educated informed choices,” he said, noting the caucus’ focus on political education. “The political process is confusing at best and terribly muddled at worst. … I think we can help out low-income communities understand the political process and help improve the quality of their lives in their areas.”[1]

Council candidates

In 2021 Democratic Socialists of America Bloomington-Normal ran a People's slate for Bloomington City Council.

Josiah Bloss:

Bloomington-Normal DSA (of which Illinois State YDSA is affiliated) is competing for a majority on the Bloomington City Council as well as the mayorship in the upcoming elections. [2]

People First Coalition: Jackie Gunderson (Mayor), Kelby Cumpston (Ward 7), Patrick Lawler (Ward 5), Willie Holton Halbert (Ward 3).



In 2020 Rachel Shively and Cecelia Long were co-chairs of Democratic Socialists of America Bloomington-Normal.

DSA comrades

Democratic Socialists of America Bloomington-Normal September 2 2019·


With Adam Heenan.

DSA's Socialist Social!


DSA's Socialist Social! Public · Hosted by Bloomington-Normal Democratic Socialists of America

Friday, April 20 at 6 PM - 8 PM

517 N Main St, Bloomington, Illinois 61701[3]

Invited on Facebook



DSA Bloomington-Normal Chapter Organizing Group


Democratic Socialists of America Bloomington-Normal Chapter Organizing Group Closed Facebook Group, accessed November 6, 2017.