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Deltravis Lamont Williams is a Florida activist.

Still going strong!"

Tomas Kennedy July 22 2019·


‪So good to see the People's Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade still going strong! #NotMeUs‬ — attending People's Progressive Caucus- July General Body Meeting with Jorge Andres Cortes Restrepo, Bruce Jacobs, Deltravis Lamont Williams, Ken Russell, Anna Hochkammer, Geoff Campbell, Gustavo Perez, Juan Cuba, David McDougal and Dawn Grayson at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.

2019 board

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida March 9 2019:


Congrats to our newly-elected Board! — with Mitchell Stollberg, Brendan Hopper, Mario Piscatella, Wendy Sejour, Deltravis Lamont Williams, Michael Calderin, Jessica Vaughn, Roy David Walker, Hillary Keyes, Claire Snyder-Hall, Lisa Murano and Nancy Carola Jacobson.

Gillum supporters

Norman Whyte, February 7 2018;


I feel greatly appreciated by what Mayor Andrew Gillum said in his personal letter of gratitude for my contribution of doing the first ever successful Gubernatorial event of this magnitude in Homestead and South Dade. Thank you — with Ted Victor, Deltravis Lamont Williams, Councilman Johnny G. Farias, Eugenise Mompremier, Lourdes Diaz, Dianna Stafford Anderson, Kionne L. McGhee, Rubiett Jenkins, Aaron McKinney, Jennifer Leslie, Tomas Kennedy, Denzel D. Burnside III, Percy Johnson and Sajan Francis Kurian.



Erika Grohoski Peralta, January 11 2017; ·

With Carlos Jesus Calzadilla Palacio, Allan AJ Nichols, Dwight Bullard, Julian Ospina, Stefano Pena, Geoff Campbell, Sanjay Patel, Zenia Perez, Victor Nieto, Dawn Abate, Deltravis Lamont Williams and Tomas Kennedy.