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DSA "People's Hearing on Economic Insecurity"

New York Democratic Socialists of America held a "People's Hearing on Economic Insecurity" on October 28, 1995. The hearing, chaired by Congress members Major Owens and Jerry Nadler, was the second of twelve planned by DSA locals during the next year. With Republicans controlling both Houses of Congress, "progressive" legislation such as Ron Dellums' Living Wage/Jobs for Al1 Act and Bernie Sanders' Corporate Responsibility Act "can't get a hearing these days". Congressman Ron Dellums thus asked DSA to organize town meetings around the country that could begin to "refocus the public debate and unite poor, working and middle-class people around a program for economic justice and growth."

Job training, too, isn't enough, added Deborah D'Amico, deputy director of the Consortium for Worker Education, she says, "My job is to carry out worker education in the context of a jobless economy.".[1]



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