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Debbie Almontaser

Left Forum 2008

The Backlash Against Dissent on Israel - Strategies For Response: Drawing upon their own experiences, panelists will address how dissenting voices on Israel have been suppressed or silenced, and ways to respond politically to the backlash that is taking place against dissent on Israel.

Moderator: Esther Kaplan, Investigative editor at the Nation Institute, "Author of With God on Their Side: George W. Bush and the Christian Right", Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism.

Left Forum 2011

Challenging Islamophobia and Racism:

Sponsored by: Women Against Islamophobia and Racism

#MuslimVOTE movement

Muslim Democratic Club of New York September 7, 2014:


Knock knock! Who's there? The #MuslimVOTE movement! #MuslimDems hit the streets today to help elect the first NYS Muslim Senator. Our team reminded residents in Southeast Queens to vote for experience, integrity and advocacy - to vote for Munir Avery on Primary Election Day, Tuesday 9/9! — with Debbie Almontaser, Farjana Khan, Saubirah Hk, Faiza N. Ali, Aliya Latif, Murad Awawdeh, Munir Avery, Ayisha Irfan, Linda Sarsour and Alexandra Owens.

Board members with Robert Jackson

Muslim Democratic Club of New York July 12, 2014:


We are dedicated to help ensure the maximum impact of the #MuslimVOTE beyond the polls. - MDCNY Board — with Linda Sarsour, Aliya Latif, Debbie Almontaser, Robert Jackson and Faiza N. Ali.