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Deb Ramage is a Minnesota activist.

Progressive MN

Debra Keefer Ramage September 22, 2018:


Me as co-convenor of the founding convention of Progressive Minnesota, the New Party in MN, sometime in the mid-1990s.

Twin Cities DSA Facebook

Members of the Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook group, in 2009, included Deb Ramage.[1]

DSA, Twin Cities Local,Re-energizing Meeting, 19 February 2012

Membership Meeting, Democratic Socialists of America, Twin Cities Local, 19 February 2012

Location: 2210 E. 40th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In attendance: Members: Kate Baird, Alan Makinen, David Pera, Deb Ramage (convener). Members joining the meeting in-progress: Dan Frankot, Neal Gosman. Guests: Doug Mann.[2]

Annual Meeting Agenda

Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America - Annual Meeting Agenda. Sunday, September 17, 2018.

Facilitators: Nic Raymond, co-chair; Deb Ramage, co-chair; Ian Ringgenberg, chair of Labor and Economic Justice Branch Minute-taker: Bridget Helwig.[3]

Elected Officers, 2017

Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America Elected Officers, 2017.

  • Co-Chair 1 – Kim Jones (term ends October 2017)
  • Co-Chair 2 – Debra Ramage (term ends October 2018)
  • Treasurer – John Heppen (term ends October 2017)
  • Social Secretary – Jon Martinson (term ends October 2018)
  • Recording Secretary – Jason Kornelis (term ends October 2017)
  • Political Action Director – Karla Sand (term ends October 2018)
  • Political Education Director – Anders Bloomquist (term ends October 2017)[4]

DSA Facebook Admin

Admins of the Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook group, as of July 4, 2017, included Deb Ramage.[5]

James Connolly Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America James Connolly Caucus closed Facebook group, accessed June 7, 2018;

Members included Deb Ramage.


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