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East Wind

In 1985 Advisors to the League of Revolutionary Struggle Asian journal East Wind included:

LOS ANGELES : Marion Fay, attorney; Lloyd Inui, director of Asian American Studies at California State University at Long Beach; Akemi Kikumura, Ph.D., author; David Monkawa National Coalition for Redress/Reparations, and Pacific Bell Employee; Mike Murase, California executive director of the Rainbow Coalition, and president of the Little Tokyo Service Center, and Little Tokyo People's Rights Organization; Joyce Nako, Pacific Asian American Women Writers' West; Bert Nakano, National Spokesman of the National Coalition for Redress/Reparations; Roy Nakano, member of Asian/Pacific Law Students Association at UCLA; Yvonne Wong Nishio, ESL teacher and member of the Little Friends Childcare Center; Megumi Dick Osumi, attorney and former Editor of Amerasia Journal: Dean Toji, co-founder of Friends of A-Bomb Survivors in Los Angeles.