Daysi Bedolla

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Daysi Bedolla

Daysi Bedolla Sotelo is an illegal immigration activist.

2018 State of the Union Address

Several DACA recipients, including Daysi Bedolla, were invited to President Trump's 2018 State of the Union Address:[1]

Back in Washington, D.C.

Daysi Bedolla Tweet

On January 14 2018, Daysi Bedolla tweeted that she was back in Washington, D.C.:[3]

Organize Illegal Immigration Rally

Daysi Bedolla Facebook Invitation

Daysi Bedolla organized an illegal immigration rally titled "Dream Act Now! #122" in Oregon on January 5 2018.[4]


"Took the Tunnels in the House of Representatives"

Daysi Bedolla Tweet

On December 20 2017, Daysi Bedolla tweeted:[5]

"Today we took the tunnels in the House of Representatives. People came together and we did it, we reminded folks that we are here to stay. #DreamActNow"


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