David Simon Canter

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David Simon Canter

One of the most underrated and ignored Soviet assets/operative in the history of United States communism was David Simon Canter, the son of avowed communist Harry Canter, of Chicago and the Illinois Chicago Communist Party and the extremely important Chicago Communist Party. His role in effecting and possibly directing, in the future, the entrance of Barack Hussein Obama into the Chicago/Illinois political scene, cannot be underestimated based on the continual discovery of new information about his role in Chicago politics as one of the CPUSA's top operatives.

The Early Years

His father's roll in establishing the CPUSA, the family living in Russia during the 1920's/30's while Henry Canter worked for the Stalin regime, and David's role in American communism.

The Middle Years

(1940's through 50's) Working for a CPUSA dominated butchers union in Chicago. Role of his wife in union affairs.

The Later Years

Soviet propaganda operations in Chicago, involvement in spreading Soviet disinformation against Sen. Barry Goldwater in the 1964. His role in taking over a community paper that put out pro-communist propaganda in Hyde Park/Kenwood, Chicago, mentoring David Axelrod, and helping elect far-leftist black politician Harold Washington as mayor of Chicago in the 1980's.

My Family Has Been Outed - We're Dam Commies - But We Ain't Paid to Be

A blog by David Canter's son "Marc Canter revealed a lot about his father's communism and activities, aided by comments from his father's ideological friend Don Rose. Marc Canter has been refreshingly honest about his family being communists, though he sometimes only gives a minimal amount of information about his father's activities and friends (which will be filled in from congressional testimonies). This blog appears as http://blog.broadbandmechanics.com/2008/11/my-family-has-been-outed-were-dam-commies-but-we-ai... (ain't paid to be). KW printed this blog out on Nov. 19, 2008 from Marc's Voice (PeopleAggregator)

The full text of this blog is as follows:

Marc's Voice - PeopleAggregator "My family has been outed - we're dam Commies - but we ain't paid to be" Photo of Don Rose, with "UPDATED: Don Rose contacted me with these truths:

"Anna & Marc -just for the historical record, David Axelrod did not work for the "Voices" at any point. He was a reporter for the HP Herald (i.e. Hyde-Park Herald while attending U of C, appearing on the scene first in 1975, just after the Voices folded - but he was familiar with our paper as a student before he got the Herald job. Your dad and I "mentored" and helped educate him politically in that capacity, which is perhaps why you may recall seeing him hanging around the house. I later wrote a reference letter for him that helped him win an internship at the Tribune (KW: Chicago Tribune), which was the next step in his journalism career. - don"

(Back to Marc's blog): "So I was interviewed by a journalist who claimed he was writing about Harold Washington - the first black Mayor of Chicago - whom my father worked with, helped and was friends with. It turns out he was a red hater, muck racking (sic) McCain swift boater, doing research on my family kind of guy" (KW: the journalist was Trevor Loudon who was working on a story about Harold Washington).

Photo of David Axelrod:

"Apparently they were trying to connect my father to David Axelrod - who worked for my father back in the 60's on a local newspaper he published (along with Don Rose) called the Hyde-Park-Kenwood Voices. I delivered that newspaper - by hand.