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David Segal

David Adam Segal started his political career by getting elected to the Providence, Rhode Island city council at age 22 as a Green Party USA member.


David Segal is the son of physicians who met while working at a veterans’ hospital, and is the grandson of Eastern European immigrants. His father’s parents were grocers in Portland, ME; his mother’s mother worked at a Woodward and Lothrop’s store, and his mother’s father worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

David Segal attended Columbia University, where he received his B.A. in mathematics. He was an instructor, teaching-assistant, and tutor at the Wheeler School before joining the City Council 2003. In 2007 he co-founded the Rhode Island Chapter of the good government group FairVote, worked as an analyst for FairVote in 2008 and 2009, and has testified before the United States House and Senate in support of governmental reform. On top of his duties as a state representative, he has spent 2010 working part-time for a consumer rights attorney.

Segal’s writing on government reform, education, and other issues has been published in Providence Journal, New York Times, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Huffington Post, and elsewhere. He is a founder and editor of the Providence Daily Dose, which Rhode Island Monthly deemed the best blog in Rhode Island, and the Phoenix has repeatedly called the best in Providence. He lives in a triple-decker in the Fox Point neighborhood, in Providence.[1]

DSA connection

According to 2008 campaign supporter and Democratic Socialists of America member Will Emmons, Segal , “acts as a megaphone for progressive organizations around the state,” helping them accomplish their goals. “I thought working for Dave was a good use of my time because we need folks on the inside of the political system standing up to racist anti-immigrant legislation, fighting for renewable energy and green jobs, advocating for workers’ and union rights, and arguing for a robust public sphere...”[2]

DSA support

In 2010 Rhode Island Young Democratic Socialists/ Democratic Socialists of America member Will Emmons wrote an article "A progressive campaign on Rhode island" for the Boston Democratic Socialists of America newsletter The Yankee Radical (September) on David Segal's Rhode Island Congressional campaign.[3]

The David Segal campaign is going full steam ahead in the race to succeed Patrick Kennedy as the next Congressman from Rhode Island's First District. Segal, a Green-turned-Democrat former City Councilor and current State Representative, was first considered a long-shot candidate, but has recently shot up in the polls. Organized labor and working people are key parts of his agenda.

I first got to know Rep. Segal when he invited me to speak at a Rhode Island Statehouse lobbying effort against the State purchase of sweatshop-made apparel. He also provided me a couch when I spoke at Brown University on student-labor solidarity. His work has dealt with the full spectrum of progressive issues, from reforming Rhode Island's backwards probation laws, to fighting for public funding of elections, to bringing labor and environmental groups together in a Green Jobs coalition which could establish New England as a hub for green manufacturing. During this wave of Tea Party insurgency, it’s great to see a left-liberal candidate mobilizing young people and activists for social change.

He is running against the Providence machine and needs your support. There are opportunities to volunteer remotely from Boston and in Rhode Island as well. Those interested should contact Will Emmons at...

Will Emmons is a Rhode Island DSA–YDS member active in the Segal campaign.

DSA endorsement

In 2010, David Adam Segal a Democratic Party member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, running for Congress in the state's 1st Congressional District, was included in a list of the mainly Massachusetts candidates endorsed by the Boston Democratic Socialists of America, published in the The Yankee Radical:[4]

Endorsing Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams

The Case for Endorsing Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams (And How To Do It Strategically) was a letter Drafted by: Danya Lagos (CBK/Labor), and circulated among New York Democratic Socialists of America members in July 2018.[1]

CoSigners, as of July 23 2018 were: David Segal.

National Leading From the Inside Out Alum

David Segal, President & Chief Executive Officer, Demand Progress, was a 2015 Rockwood Leadership Institute National Leading From the Inside Out Alum.[5]