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David Munoz de Castro is a Spanish member of the UK Korean Friendship Association working in London.[1]

DPRK Day of the Sun

The UK Korean Friendship Association (KFA) and the Juche Idea Study Group of England in central London on Saturday 2nd April 2016 to celebrate the 104th anniversary of Korean revolutionary leader Kim Il Sung and the DPRK Day of the Sun.

Dermot Hudson outlined the life of Kim Il Sung and the contributions he made to communist unity throughout the world, especially at a time when there was an ideological war between Moscow and Beijing that led to sectarian divisions and even violence between the different factions throughout communist parties across the world.

Other speeches were made by Shaun Pickford, Nick Shakespeare, Alex Meads and Daniel Braggins, and there was a film shown of DPRK defence exercises.[2]

NK report


Friends of the Korean people met at the Chadswell Centre in central London on Saturday 21st May 2016 to hear report-backs from two comrades who have recently returned from Democratic Korea and to express their solidarity with the Workers Party of Korea which has just successfully concluded its 7th Congress.

The meeting, called by the UK Korean Friendship Association, heard Dermot Hudson and David Munoz speak about their visit to the DPR Korea in April, and heard a report from Thae Yong Ho from the DPRK embassy in London. A friend of the DPRK from Sweden addressed the meeting about the Pyongyang International Film Festival and the Wonsan Air Festival and many others joined in the general discussion that followed. New Communist Party of Britain leader Andy Brooks took part in the meeting together with a number of comrades from London and East Anglia along with Prof Harish Gupta, the head of the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea.[3]

70th anniversary of the founding of the Workers Party of Korea

Korean solidarity activists celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Workers Party of Korea on Saturday 3rd October 2015 at a meeting organised by Juche Idea Study Group and the UK Korean Friendship Association (KFA). New Communist Party of Britain comrades, including general secretary [ Andy Brooks]] and Central Committee member Daphne Liddle, joined supporters of the Korean revolution in marking this important date in the Korean calendar at a hall in central London last weekend.

Keynote speakers Dermot Hudson, Shaun Pickford and Thae Yong Ho from the London embassy of the DPR Korea, outlined the fighting history of the Korean communist movement supported by others including NCP leader Andy Brooks, Alex Meads and David Munoz on different aspects of the Korean revolution.

Alex Meads spoke on the foreign policy of the Workers' Party of Korea . He explained that the WPK and DPRK's foreign policy is based on independence, peace and friendship . He praised the DPRK 's noble proletarian internationalist assistance to Cuba and Vietnam in their struggle against US imperialism . He said that the foreign relations of the WPK are rapidly expanding.

This was taken up by David Munoz who thanked the Workers' Party of Korea for its contribution to the world communist movement and said that the WPK is the vanguard of the world communist movement.[4]