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David Monkawa

David Monkawa is Regional Organizing Director at California Nurses Association.

Partner of Kathy Masaoka.

"Unite and fight violence against Asian Americans!"

San Jose, CA - On Sunday, April 11, at 2 p.m. Pacific / 5 p.m. Eastern, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! is hosting an online program about the wave of violence against Asian Americans; violence which led to the recent massacre of eight people, six of whom were Asian American women near Atlanta, Georgia.

Four community organizers: David Monkawa, Progressive Asian Network for Action, in Los Angeles; Monique Sampson, Freedom Road Socialist Organization in Jacksonville, Florida; Daisy Sim, Tallahassee Community Action Committee, Tallahassee, Florida, and Masao Suzuki, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, San Jose, California, will be speaking on how to fight anti-Asian American violence, understanding its historical roots, and building unity among Asian Americans and solidarity with other oppressed nationalities.[1]


From LeftRoots'Out to Win! Issue 1 page 115:

"Role of Asian American and Pacific Islander Movements"

We are LeftRoots members whose identities fall largely under Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) categories. We joined LeftRoots because we are excited to build a Left organization together with other cadre from the ground up and to develop strategy together.
AAPI cadre showed a lot of interest in responding to We Believe That We Can Win (WBTWCW) as soon as it came out. The writers of this document wanted to uplift AAPI communities’ role in revolutionary strategy. In February 2018, a group of LeftRoots cadre and compas (Pam Tau Lee, Michael Liu, May Louie, Lydia Lowe, Don Misumi, and David Monkawa) wrote a paper that was used as a starting point for this one.


Gidra was edited by a changing, non-hierarchical collective that included individuals like Mike Murase, Doug Aihara, Evelyn Yoshimura, Steve Tatsukawa, and Bruce Iwasaki, along with a roster of talented graphic designers and artists that included Alan Takemoto, Dean Toji, David Monkawa, and Glenn Iwasaki.

1974 Gidra staff were Doug Aihara, Glen Iwasaki, Alan Ota, Bruce Iwasaki, Alan Takemoto, David Monkawa, Linda Fujikawa, Mike Murase Jeff Furumura, Evelyn Yoshimura, Dean Toji, Steve Tatsukawa, Carrie Furuya.


In 1990 David Monkawa, Los Angeles, contributed to the October 15 issues of Unity, newspaper of the League of Revolutionary Struggle. He was an activist and cartoonist for Rafu Shimpo, and has contributed graphics to Unity.

East Wind

In 1985 Advisors to the League of Revolutionary Struggle Asian journal East Wind included:

LOS ANGELES : Marion Fay, attorney; Lloyd Inui, director of Asian American Studies at California State University at Long Beach; Akemi Kikumura, Ph.D., author; David Monkawa National Coalition for Redress/Reparations, and Pacific Bell Employee; Mike Murase, California executive director of the Rainbow Coalition, and president of the Little Tokyo Service Center, and Little Tokyo People's Rights Organization; Joyce Nako, Pacific Asian American Women Writers' West; Bert Nakano, National Spokesman of the National Coalition for Redress/Reparations; Roy Nakano, member of Asian/Pacific Law Students Association at UCLA; Yvonne Wong Nishio, ESL teacher and member of the Little Friends Childcare Center; Megumi Dick Osumi, attorney and former Editor of Amerasia Journal: Dean Toji, co-founder of Friends of A-Bomb Survivors in Los Angeles.

In 1989 staff of East Wind were Bruce Akizuki, Anthony Cody, Gina Hotta, Denise Imura, Leslee Inaba-Wong, Don Misumi, David Monkawa, Janice Sakamoto, Ken Yamada.


ASIAN! has invited numerous Asian and Pacific Islander radicals to Santa Barbara for public forums accompanied by potlucks and/or political education studies: Yuri Kochiyama, Rev. Michael Yasutake, Mitsuye Yamada, David Monkawa, Fred Ho, Haunani-Kay Trask, and Filipino leaders of BAYAN Rafael Baylosis, Rafael "Ka Paeng" Mariano, and Joe Navidad.[2]

"Trump’s Victory Is a Wake-Up Call to the Left"

"Trump’s Victory Is a Wake-Up Call to the Left: Did we do enough in 2016? And how can we build a broader electoral movement?" was written by Calvin Miaw (Lynn Koh) for In These Times, Nov 18, 18, 2016;

Today we have a number of inspiring movements (and encampments!) that will continue under the Trump administration. We have incredible multiracial alliances—from the National Domestic Workers Alliance to Grassroots Global Justice—all across the United States. We have cutting-edge work in electoral politics through our mass organizations at the local level (like San Francisco Rising or the South Bay Labor Council) reaching into the state level (with New Virginia Majority and New Florida Majority). There's a lot going for us, but whether we are able to build a worthy successor to the Rainbow, which replicates its achievements while avoiding its quite obvious failures, depends on us moving beyond what we've been doing.

Special thanks to Kayan Cheung-Miaw, Lucia Lin, David Monkawa, Dan DiMaggio, and Joseph Schwartz for feedback on this article.

Japanese American comrades

Eric Mar June 5 2018.


Still thinking about the sudden passing of Pete (Peter Kenichi Yamamoto), his last poems and the joy he got from experiencing Asian American and community arts, his reflections on dialysis and the natural process of aging, his embrace of Thich Nhat Hahn, Marxism, revolutionary struggle and Jtown. Here, Pete was one of the handful of men to support our ‘Comfort Women’ Justice Coalition. He was steadfast as a Japanese American (along with Grace Shimizu, John Ota, Grace Morizawa, Tomomi Kinukawa, Jeff Adachi, Kenji Taguma, Kathy Masaoka & David Monkawa) working to build solidarity within the JA communities and broader Pan-Asian Unity as well!