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David Colyer

David Colyer is a New Zealand activist. Applications Specialist Geospatial at Trimble.

Socialist Worker

1998 - leader Canterbury University EAG and Canterbury University Socialist Worker Student Club, parents live in The Community, St Albans.

1999 Canterbury University Socialist Worker Student Club. [1]

2000 one of leftists and unionists signing an Socialist Workers Organisation petition, Freedom to Strike, Editor Socialist Worker, Auckland.

2001 Editor, Socialist Worker.

2004 - Coeditor Socialist Worker Monthly Review with Daphne Lawless.

Socialist Worker’s central committee

The Socialist Worker central committee in August 2011 consisted of;[2]

DSP connections

March 2002 - Colyer was a speaker from NZ Socialist Workers Organisation at Democratic Socialist Party's 2nd Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference, Sydney Australia.

2005 - "Among the most exciting developments discussed at the Asia-Pacific International Solidarity Conference held in Sydney at Easter was the rapidly changing map of New Zealand politics, in particular, the development of the Maori Party, the UNITE union and the Resident Action Movement".

Several left-wing leaders from New Zealand attended the conference, including Matt McCarten, who was until recently the campaign manager for the Maori Party, Global Peace and Justice Auckland leader Mike Treen, and David Colyer and Grant Morgan from Socialist Worker, who all addressed a feature session on March 28.

"Marxism Alive"


In 2009 Delahunty addressed an openly Marxist conference organized by the neo-Trotskyists of Socialist Worker.

From Socialist Worker’s UnityBlog

Speakers from the Alliance Party, Green Party, RAM-Residents Action Movement, Socialist Worker and Workers Party have been confirmed for Marxism Alive, an upcoming educational forums hosted by Socialist Worker-New Zealand. (See list of speakers and topics below.)

Marxism Alive will run from 10am-5pm on Saturday 27 June, @ Socialist Centre, 86 Princes Street, Onehunga, Auckland.

The current global economic crisis will loom large in our discussions. The left has to put forward an ideological, political and organisational challenge to the corporate market if we’re to avoid the crisis being dumped on grassroots people.

Here are the discussion topics and confirmed speakers (we are waiting further confirmations):

Session 1: The great implosion: Economic crisis & its impact on NZ Speaker: Vaughan Gunson (Socialist Worker)

Session 2: Is National the new natural party of government? Will Labour return to social democracy? Panel of speakers: Sarita Divis (Alliance Party), Daphna Whitmore (Workers Party), Grant Brookes (Socialist Worker).

Session 3: Transitioning to a human centred economy in Aotearoa Panel of speakers: Catherine Delahunty (Green Party), Elliot Blade (RAM-Residents Action Movement, David Colyer (Socialist Worker).

Session 4: An International for the 21st century: building a global broad left movement Speaker: Bronwen Beechey (Socialist Worker).[3]


2003 - Peace Action Network spokesman, organising anti Iraq War protest in Cathedral Square 18.1.03. [4]

Workers Charter

2005 - The Workers Charter is personally endorsed by these 119 individuals: including David Colyer, gardener (Christchurch).

Involvement with Global Peace and Justice

On Monday 11th February 2002, a meeting was called to discuss the formation of a Network for Global Peace and Justice. The purpose of such a network was to help strengthen the efforts of the many groups already working on a whole variety of issues and to perhaps give a collective voice to concerns they hold in common. The meeting was held in the Trades Hall, 157 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, Monday 8th April. The invitation to this had the following footnote: "Yours in Solidarity, Terry Dibble, Maire Leadbetter, Mike Treen, John Minto, Jane Kelsey, David Colyer, Lynne Serpe, Len Richards, Love Chile, Geraldine Peters. Treen , along with veteran activist John Minto, comprised the two main contacts for this left-wing pressure group Global Peace and Justice which was primarily Auckland based. As Treen was to say: "Over the last few years I have also been one of the main leaders of Global Peace and Justice Auckland which organized the large antiwar marches around the Iraq war and intervention in Afghanistan and tries to network all the groups in Auckland concerned with peace, justice and globalization issues.

2004 - Auckland Uni student, trying to form GPJA club Auckland University.