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Darin Mann is a Salt Lake City Utah activist.

2019 coordinating committee/conference delegates

2019 Salt Lake Democratic Socialists of America coordinating committee.

2019 Salt Lake Democratic Socialists of America National Conference Delegates.

DSA candidate

Salt Lake Democratic Socialists of America, May 16.


Introducing our first panelist for our June 2nd forum entitled, The Importance of Medicare for All, Darin Mann.

Darin Mann is an environmental activist, currently working for an urban farming group with a focus on promoting food justice, The Green Urban Lunchbox. He also works advocating on the hill to fight air pollution with the Native lead grassroots activist group, the SLC Air Protectors as Action Director. As a member of Salt Lake DSA, Darin is currently running for the Democratic Party nomination to represent Utah House District 24 as it's first Democratic Socialist Candidate.[2]



Darin Mann for Utah HD 24 Like This Page · May 2 2018.

See you tonight at 5! — with Carlos Martinez, Adam Cowgill, Kristoffer Dean Lewis, Darin Mann, Weston Wood, Britta Aldridge, Austin Holmes, Michelle Mann, McKay Mason and Nancy Lynn.