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Daphne Lawless

Daphne Lawless is a New Zealand activist.

"Christchurch terror"

In March 2019 Byron Clark, Daphne Lawless, Tyler West, and Ani White wrote an article "Christchurch terror: How did this happen?" for Fightback website.[1]


In September 2000, at the Victoria University UNIQ AGM James Schmidt was elected President; Daphne Lawless was elected Secretary; James Cleaves continues as Publicity Officer; Fionnaigh McKenzie was elected Education Officer; Mark Williams was elected Treasurer; and Corry Joseph was elected Volunteers Officer.

The UniQ Annual Report was presented at the AGM by President Regan Andrew, with a financial report presented by Treasurer [Richard Dagger].

2001 - Secretary, Victoria UNIQ.

Socialist Worker

March 2003, Lawless had 2 articles in Socialist Worker Review No 5, 'The system discriminates' against gays and lesbians

2004 - on editorial team Socialist Worker Monthly Review.

2004 Campus Left is a broad coalition of leftist and socialist staff and students at Victoria University of Wellington. We are supported by activists from Socialist Worker and the Alliance Party . This leaflet was written by Daphne Lawless and Anna Potts.

2004 - Coeditor Socialist Worker Monthly Review with David Colyer.

Workers Charter

On July 2, 2005, a Steering Committee of 20 - emerged from a Workers Charter meeting. Held in Auckland, those in attendance were (in alphabetical order) :

2005, 22nd October, a Workers Charter conference was held at Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn from 10am to 5pm. The media are warmly welcomed to attend. There will be a Media Conference at 12.30 on the day (lunchtime at the conference) which will be hosted by Luke Coxon and Daphne Lawless (co-chairs of the Conference) and John Minto and Matt McCarten (spokespeople for the Conference Working Group).

Workers Charter conference


Matt McCarten, John Minto and Socialist Worker hosted a “Workers Charter” meeting Saturday October 11 2006, in Auckland.

The Workers Charter Movement was the embryo of a new left wing political party, modeled on the successful British “Respect” coalition and the less successful Australian Socialist Alliance. It was also a co-ordinating body for militant union trade union activity. The “movement” published a “Workers Charter” newspaper.

This Saturday, 7th October, starts 11am

Auckland Trades Hall 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn

11 – 11.10am Welcome from chair (Daphne Lawless).
11.10am – 12.30pm – Workers Charter, a paper for the movement – introduced by John Minto (editorial) & Bronwyn Summers (financial).
1.30 – 3pm – Unions in the 21st century – intro by Laila Harre (NDU), Andrew Little (EPMU), Sue Bradford (Green MP), Mengzhu (Radical Youth) and Joe Carolan (unionist & socialist).
3.15 – 4pm – Human Rights for Workers campaign – introduced by Vaughan Gunson (unionist & socialist) and Eliana Darroch (Radical Youth).
4pm – 4.30 pm – Graham Matthews, Australian unionist.
4.30 – 4.45pm – election of expanded, national editorial board of Workers Charter paper.
4.45 – 5.30pm – Climaction Day (4 November) to build a campaign for System Change, Not Climate Change. Speaker(s) to be confirmed.[2]

Socialist Worker’s central committee

The Socialist Worker central committee in August 2011 consisted of;[3]