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Daphna Whitmore

Daphna Whitmore

Redline blog

Redline is about developing an alternative vision to capitalism. We recognise there is no possibility of building a Marxist working class party in the current conditions in New Zealand of low horizons and little fightback. We aim to use the tools of Marxism to provide analysis of what is going on and, where possible, give a positive lead.

The blog editorial collective are: Don Franks, Philip Ferguson, Daphna Whitmore, Mark Muller, Nick Scullin, Tim Leadbeater, and Susanne Kemp.[1]

ILPS leader

The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) successfully held its Fourth International Assembly (4th IA) from July 7 to 9, 2011 held in Manila, Philippines under the theme, “Build a Bright Future! Mobilize the People to Resist Exploitation and Oppression Amidst the Protracted Global Depression, State Terrorism and Wars of Aggression”!

The 4th IA was attended by more than 430 delegates and observers from 200 organizations in 43 countries, territories and autonomous regions; namely, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong (SAR), India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Macau, Malaysia, Manipur, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Senegal, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Venezuela, West Papua and Zimbabwe.

The election of the new members of the International Coordinating Committee was held and the following were elected as regular members of the ICC: Ario Adityo (Indonesia), Cho Akira (Japan), Carol Araullo (Philippines), Binda Man Bista (Nepal), Ramon Bultron (Hong Kong), Fatima Burnad (India), Poguri Chennaiah (India), Len Cooper (Australia), Rudi Hartono Daman (Indonesia), Demba Moussa Dembele (Senegal), Bill Dores (United States), Theo Droog (Netherlands), Luis Dutan (Ecuador), Malcolm Guy (Canada), Kuusela Hilo (United States), Wahu Kaara (Kenya), Mustafa Kilinc (Germany), Elmer Labog (Philippines), Florentino Lopez Martinez (Mexico), Lyn Meza (United States), Peter Murphy (Australia), Nikos Noulas (Greece), Jose Sison (Netherlands), Antonio Tujan (Philippines), Nestor Villatoro (Guatemala), Jang Chang Weon (South Korea) and Daphna Whitmore (New Zealand).

And the following as alternate members: Rey Casambre (Philippines), May Kotsakis (Australia), Dennis Maga (New Zealand), Liza Maza (Philippines), Malem Ningthouja (Manipur), Rafael Mariano (Philippines), Steve da Silva (Canada) and Barbara Waldern (South Korea).[2]

Greeting Filipino delegation

Auckland Philippines Solidarity March 21, 2018; ·


With Bryce Hamilton, Oliver Christeller, Romy Udanga, Robert Reid and Daphna Whitmore, Luke Coxon.