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Daniel Tasripin

Daniel Tasripin is a New York City activist. He works for the Transport Workers Union.


Some 300 demonstrators came out to Hunter College in Manhattan on November 28 2001, to protest the racist tuition hike targeting undocumented immigrant students at the City University of New York (CUNY). The rally also denounced the sinister “Student Data Collection System” pushed by the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Both measures are part of the domestic front of the “global war” launched by Washington. This important demonstration against the “war purge” was an important step in a class struggle against that war whose targets include working people, minorities and immigrants “at home.” Demonstrators chanted, “Is the Registrar’s Office a Branch of the INS?” and “Full Citizenship Rights for All Immigrants!

Daniel Tasripin of the Student Liberation Action Movement added, “The message that is being sent to immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, is that America loves your labor, the Calvin Klein clothes that you make and the strawberries that you pick – they love the labor, but they don’t love the laborers. No matter whether you came here documented, undocumented, on a slave ship, or however, we cannot trust that rights will be given to us; we have to fight for them.” [1]

SDS convention

At the 2006 founding convention of New Students for a Democratic Society, one panel was SLAM!: Lessons from Ten Years of Multiracial Organizing in CUNY" - Daniel Tasripin, Neha Gautam, Rodolfo Leyton.

CUNY Social Forum Panel by Students for a Democratic Society

CUNY Social Forum Panel by Students for a Democratic Society...October 19, 2008 City College of New York.

Speakers: Daniel Tasripin, Rahel Aima, and Ateo Laureano Bracero Peruyero

Moderator: Robyn Tang

CUNY has a long history of struggle, which has never just emerged within CUNY itself, but has been connected and a part to the greater New York Community and the politics of its time. How can we learn from the struggles of our communities in the past & today, of students throughout the New York Public Education System, and connect that to the possibility of building a radical student movement with organic roots in our communities? Students for a Democratic Society members look at what are our possibilities, what our duties as politically conscious students are, and what kind of transformation we want to see.

Students for a Democratic Society re-emerged as a new organization in 2006. Since then, SDS has grown into a national organization with over a hundred chapters and thousands of members.

  • Robyn Tang is an aspiring artist. She was the former vice-president of the Philosophy Club of Hunter College, and is now a current member of Hunter Students for a Democratic Society.
  • Daniel Tasripin was a member of Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM) and a member of CUNY Hunter Students for a Democratic Society, as well as a representative of the People of Color Caucus in National SDS organization. He has helped organized the first Iraq Moratorium events in NYC and is the prolific author of the blog Hegemonik.
  • Rahel Aima has been a member of Columbia Univeristy Student Liberation Action Movement for more than two years and has organized against David Horowitz and the Islamofascist week, and is currently organizing against the re-introduction of the ROTC to the Columbia campus.
  • Ateo Laureano Bracero Peruyero is a Nuyorican born, raised and resides in the borough of The Bronx, he has now come to learn more of his oppressive history in the United States and in Puerto Rico. He is a member of Queens College SDS and a member of La Tertulia (The Spanish Club) on campus seeking to help educate other Latino/a students on their history and issues inside the United States and in Latin America, while also seeking to learn from others.[2]

Students for a Democratic Society: National Convention

Students for a Democratic Society: National Convention & Action Camp Reports By: Nick Martin (Lancaster SDS), Madeline Gardner (University of Minnesota SDS), Daniel Tasripin (Hunter College SDS) and Beth Blum (Philadelphia SDS) Left Turn magazine November 01, 2007.

Freedom Road meeting

Spring 2015, the New York/New Jersey District of Freedom Road Socialist Organization sponsored a forum entitled “Ferguson: The Movement So Far and Lessons for Coming Struggles.” The first speaker was "our comrade", Montague Simmons, Chair of the legendary Organization for Black Struggle in St. Louis.[3]

The meeting was held 39 Eldridge St,New York, 19 March 2015. Organized by Eric Odell.

A Discussion with Montague Simmons Chair of the Organization for Black Struggle – St. Louis and labor organizer

Loyda Colon Co-Director of the Justice Committee, a Latina/Latino-led organization dedicated to building a movement against police violence and systemic racism in New York City

Speaking for the first time in NYC since the police murder of Michael Brown, the chair of OBS, which played a major role in the Ferguson protests, discusses the new strategies, organizational forms and social forces that emerged there, and how the movement was sustained. Loyda Colon will reflect on the Justice Committee’s work organizing with families directly impacted by police violence, and will share their thoughts on the current movement in NYC.
Together they will share their thoughts on key questions for the movements against police abuse that are erupting around the country. How do we hold together broad united fronts with different generations, cultures, classes and political perspectives? What’s the role of anti-capitalists and socialists? What kind of policing reforms do we want and how do they relate to other issues in our communities, and to radical social transformation?[4]

Those signalling their intention to attend on Wherevent included John McCarthy, Juliet Ucelli, Betty Yu, Lily Defriend, Wai Yee Poon, David Unger, Matthew Tinker, Ryan Briles, Enbion Micah Aan, Erick Moreno, Terry Marshall, Jesse Baboo, Daniel Tasripin, Anton Han Kiang, Starlitekid Cosmos, Clayton Nino Brown, Miguel Marrero-Bermudez, Joy Schulman, Jeanne D. Shaw, Mark Swier, Stephanie Zukasaka, Denise Chupacabral, Anne Mitchell, Emma Pliskin, Oriana Roeckraeyer, Lara Shepard-Blue, Karly Safar, Robina Rai, Man See Kong, Teresa Basilio, Aisha Shillingford, Adriana Cruz, Ofie Virtucio, Rivka Paradis, Katrina Cortes, Sharice Richards.[5]


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