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Daniel P. Sheehan


Daniel P. Sheehan is a "social justice" attorney. As of 2009, he was the President of the New Paradigm Institute and Director of the Lakota Peoples' Law Project.[1] He is the 20-year President and Chief Counsel of the Washington, D.C.-based Christic Institute.


"Daniel Sheehan is a Harvard-educated constitutional lawyer and social ethics scholar involved with many significant and high-profile civil rights and social justice cases during the last 20 years. Mr. Sheehan's long and impressive resume includes work on important issues such as women's rights, nuclear industry regulation, Native Peoples rights, education, and government accountability. Mr. Sheehan has a long and distinguished history as chief counsel in milestone cases such as the Nixon Pentagon Papers, The Iran-Contra Affair, Karen Silkwood and the Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster. He served as the Director of The Strategic Initiative to Identify The New Paradigm project of the Gorbachev Institute's State Of The World Forum."

2018 UFO Convention

Daniel P. Sheehan was listed as a speaker at the UFO CON 2018:[2]


In 1977, Dan was contacted by leaders of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Their leader was Sara Nelson, NOW’s National Labor Secretary under Eleanor Smeal, who was the leader of a broad coalition of progressive groups seeking to bring attention to the death of Karen Silkwood...


In 1979, after the Karen Silkwood Case Dan and Sara founded...the famed Christic Institute. And Danny and Sara started their family with the birth of Danny-Paul.
Dan’s work for – and then later, with – Dr. John Mack was not the first time Dan had come into contact with the issue of the potential of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. In 1977, Dan served as a “Special Counsel” to the United States Library of Congress’ investigation into the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence that had been expressly requested by then President Jimmy Carter. Following this work Dan was invited to present a Three-hour, closed-door seminar on the Theological Implications of Our Contact With Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence to top 50 scientists assigned to The SETI Project (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Given these experiences, Dan was in a unique position to handle legal issues surrounding the extraterrestrial intelligence debate. In 2001, Dan was invited to serve as General Counsel to The Disclosure Project, which coordinated the sworn testimony—before staff members of the United States Congress—by former U.S. Military Officers, Federal Aviation Administration officials, and NASA employees attesting to their own direct personal knowledge of Government information confirming the UFO phenomenon and the belief on the part of important agencies of our government in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Dan also served as General Counsel to the Institute for Cooperation in Space, a U.S. citizens group dedicated to banning space-based weapons and the development of any weapons intended for offensive use against potential extraterrestrial civilizations.
Dan has, since that time, been invited, on numerous occasions, a speak on The Philosophical and Theological Implications of the Human Discovery of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence at the International UFO Congress and at The Mutual UFO Network’s Annual Symposium.

Representing Stacey Merkt

The Sanctuary Movement was about Politics, not Migrants
Stacey Merkt (center) with Daniel P. Sheehan (right)

Daniel P. Sheehan represented Stacey Merkt, a long-time activist for illegal immigration from Central America, who was a prominent member of the Sanctuary Movement, described by the Los Angeles Times in 1985 as "a network of 200 U.S. churches that ignore laws and provide refuge to Salvadorans and Guatemalans."[3] He is seen in the video criticizing President Ronald Reagan's policies in Central America.

Stacey Merkt co-founded RAICES with Jack Elder in the mid-eighties.[4]

Famous Cases

Verbatim from 2009 Lecture: Understanding Worldview Paradigms-An Analysis of the Current Leadership As Humanity Approaches 2012[5]

Daniel Sheehan has served as Chief Counsel in the following trials:
Karen Silkwood v. The Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corporation (winning a $10.5 million judgment for the Estate of Karen Silkwood and a Federal Court Order declaring unconstitutional the federal financial "cap" imposed upon private civil tort recoveries for contamination damages caused by private nuclear facilities - thus ending the construction of all new private nuclear facilities in the United States);
The Three-Mile Island Litigation in Pennsylvania (winning a Federal Court Order stopping the release of radioactive effluents from the damaged Three-Mile Island Nuclear Facility into the Susquehanna River which had been already authorized by the Federal Atomic Energy Commission);
The American Sanctuary Movement Case (winning a Federal Court Order declaring unconstitutional the secret Reagan/Bush Administration executive order banning the granting of Political Asylum Status to political refugees from El Salvador and Guatemala);
The Greensboro Civil Rights Case against the North Carolina Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party (winning a federal civil judgment against the North Carolina Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party and the Greensboro Police Department under the Federal Civil Rights Act after the acquittal of 12 members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party for First Degree Murder of public anti-Klan demonstrators by an all-white North Carolina state jury);
Chief Counsel on The Iran/Contra Civil Case (forcing the appointment of Iran/Contra Special Counsel Lawrence Walsh - but failing to obtain any civil judgment against the Iran/Contra conspirators.
Jeness v. The New York State Board of Elections (winning the right of Ms. Linda Jeness to have her name printed on the New York State Election Ballot as a candidate for the United States Senate for the Socialist Party of America).
Mr. Sheehan also served as Chief Defense Counsel for such Peace Activists as: Father Mr. Sheehan Berrigan; Father Phillip Berrigan; Dick Gregory; Dr. Benjamin Spock and Southern Christian Leadership Council President David Abernathy, among others.