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Template:TOCnestleft Dale Borgeson... is married to Geline Avila. He is the father of Isabella Avila Borgeson.


Dale Borgeson was a national leader of the Union of Democratic Filipinos.[1]

FWC 1978

Dale Borgeson was Seattle contact for the Far West Convention at UCLA in 1978.[2]

Ang Katipunan

Dale Borgeson was, in the mid 1970s a correspondent for Ang Katipunan, the paper of the Union of Democratic Filipinos.

Milwaukee Hotel

In the late 1970s the Union of Democratic Filipinos mounted a campaign to save Seattle's Milwaukee hotel from demolition. To prevent arson by developers, activists mounted a fire watch for over a year until an electronic monitoring system was installed by fire watch volunteers Andy Mizuki and Tommy Mar.

Firewatch volunteers included Joe Kitamura, Jack Dosch, Dave Schwab, Bob Santos, Elaine Ko, Ken Mar, Shari Woo, Doralinn Chung, Donny Chin, Dicky Mar, Susie Chin, Maxine Chan, Dale Borgeson, David Della, Tom Mar, Mike Kozu, Rick Furukawa, Kathy Kozu, Sissy Asis, Steve Goon, Man Chan, Mel Inouye, Gary Iwamoto, Gene Viernes, Paul Kurose, Dan Rounds, Dave Haugen, Lorraine Sako, Julia Laranang, Aurora Esteban, Tim Otani, Leonard Hayashida and Ron Chew.[3]

MLEP Staff


In 1980 Marxist-Leninist Education Project staff were Dale Borgeson, Neal Cassidy, Pat Gold, Estella Habal, Margo Sercarz, Nina Silber, Winston Wong.

Line of March

In the late 1970s Dale Borgeson was a leader of the Oakland California based revolutionary organization Line of March.

The main leaders[4] of Line of March were Max Elbaum, Dale Borgeson, Linda Burnham, Bruce Occena, Melinda Paras, Bob Wing.

Contributing editor

In 1980, contributing editors to Line of March were Tom Angotti, Fran Beal, Ralph Beitel, William Bollinger, Dale Borgeson, Jim Dann, Michael Downing, Cam Duncan, James Early, Phil Gardiner, Steve Hamilton, Fred Lass, Dan Lund, Jan Newton, Tim Patterson, Mel Rothenberg, Ann Schwartz, Albert Szymanski.[5]

For Peace & Solidarity


In June 1985, the editors of Peace and Solidarity Alliance newsletter For Peace & Solidarity were Dale Borgeson, Elaine Elinson and Andy Barlow.



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