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DSA North Star: The Caucus for Socialism and Democracy went public on May Day 2018.


We invite you to join us as founding members of a new caucus within Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). For now, we are calling ourselves DSA North Star: The Caucus for Socialism and Democracy. You can find our provisional statement of principles here. We are going public on May Day in honor of International Workers’ Day.
We are reaching out to DSA and YDSA members in all geographic regions of the country, and we are asking those of you receiving this statement to help with that outreach. Our movement right now in 2018 must focus on defeating as many of Trump’s allies in the Republican Congress as possible. To do that, we must ally with a broad array of forces in the resistance to the Trump Administration and its enablers.

The provisional statement of principles expands on our purposes for organizing. Suffice it to say here that all of us are committed to democracy as both a means and an end. Socialism cannot be achieved except through democratic struggle. “Come the revolution,” a society shaped by that struggle would be profoundly democratic and egalitarian. In advancing that struggle now, we all believe that socialists need to engage in the fights people are already waging for immediate demands. Most immediately, we define ourselves as loyal participants in the resistance to the Trump Administration and its allies in the Republican Congressional majority. Defeating Republicans in the 2018 election and removing Trump from office are minimal conditions to restore decency and democracy right now. We’ll work with lots of non-socialists to achieve those ends. And we will be clear that those minimal conditions are just that—minimal. In the broad majoritarian struggle, we will work alongside our allies while seeking to educate them and the broader US public about the need for fundamental changes in our economic, political and social life.[1]


Saturday, June 16: We will be hosting ​a national, virtual meeting for interested caucus members to officially launch the caucus, elect new leadership, refine and ratify our statement of principles, and vote on our caucus name (currently “North Star”). Details on how to participate will be sent to signatories of the provisional statement of principles. September 15–16: We’re working on plans for an in-person national weekend conference with virtual participation to further democratize our caucus and prepare organizers to spark regional collaboration. The host city is yet to be determined.[2]



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Defeat Trump letter

To Defeat Trump, Discredit His Movement, and Elect Progressives

DSA North Star Online Conference


DSA North Star Online Conference Sunday September 16, 2018:

Part 1. Introduction and National Perspectives 40 minutes Introduction. What is North Star about? What do we wish to accomplish? How do we do it? We’ll begin this meet up by hearing from DSA members active in governing, electoral politics, and organizing. How have DSA members successfully organized around electoral politics?