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CounterSpy Magazine

One of the most dangerous publications of the Anti-Intelligence Lobby was CounterSpy Magazine CounterSpy, published by the Philip Agee cabal of assorted communists, anti-Vietnam radicals, and Hanoi Lobby activists, as well as a group from the cited CPUSA front, the National Lawyers Guild NLG. It evolved from two groups, PEPICand the Organizing Committee for the Fifth Estate OC5, the latter being partially founded and funded by author Norman Mailer.[1].

Their stated goals included the exposure and destruction of the U.S. internal and national defense intelligence systems, including those of the CIA, FBI, congressional committees, state and local police intelligence units, and military counter-intelligence operations. The often exposed real CIA agents as well as those they thought might be CIA agents, which led to the death of the CIA Station Chief, Robert? Welch in Greece.

Agee turned out to be a CIA-turncoat and Cuban secret intelligence asset DGI, and an avowed marxist.


CounterSpy, Vol. 3, Issue 2, December 1976, is a bimonthly magazine published by Fifth Estate Publishing Company, P.O.Box 647, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, D.C., 20044




tens of thousands of North Vietnamese during several "reform" periods in the 1950's. His testimony defending his writings was found in the series "The Human Cost of Communism in Vietnam", 1972, and was powerfully rebutted by Daniel Teodoru in Part 2 of it.


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