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Cooperation Jackson is based in Jackson, Mississippi.

BSA connection

During the 2018 Fearless Cities North America Regional Municipalist Summit in New York City from July 27th to the 29th, Z and Sean of BSA met with Kali Akuno, Brandon King, and other members of the Cooperation Jackson team to discuss ways in which Black Socialists of America can greater serve their vision at the micro level, and our more macro vision as well, best encapsulated by our partner organization Symbiosis.

We are proud to announce that Black Socialists of America will be formally partnering up with Cooperation Jackson moving forward, and that Kali, brandon, and other members of the CJ team will be having direct involvement in many of our processes moving forward.[1]

Paris, France delegation

The United Nations will host the 21st climate change conference in Paris, France from November 30-December 11, 2015. The COP21 negotiations are some of the most important negotiations in history, as global leaders aim to set a universal agreement for addressing climate change for decades. This agreement is set to do the minimum to stop climate change in order to preserve the capitalist system, leaving humanity and the worlds eco-systems in peril.

The Cooperation Jackson delegation, in conjunction with the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) and the Climate Justice Alliance/Our Power Campaign, will participate in the Global Climate Justice Convergence against the climate negotiations to challenge the false solutions the negotiations are upholding.

Cooperation Jackson's delegation will participate in this convergence in order to share our Just Transition work for Climate Justice and Economic Democracy and learn from others around the world.

We call our delegation the “Freedom Road from Jackson to Paris” which consists of 8 members and supporters.

Kali Akuno, Sacajawea Hall, Fa'Seye Aina Sunny Gonzalez, Vernon Young, Elijah Williams, Brandon King, Marie Helene Fabien Hall, Lorraine Marie Richmond-Williams.[2]