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DSA member - lost


Democratic Socialists of America member Connor O'Hanlon lost his bid 2019 bid.[1]

Supervisor run


BuxMont Democratic Socialists of America August 25 2019·

At our 2019 Branch Convention, BuxMont DSA members voted to endorse Connor O'Hanlon for Doylestown Township Supervisor. Connor is a DSA member and a supporter of Bernie Sanders' 2020 Presidential Campaign. He supports Medicare For All, affordable housing, public investment in utilities & infrastructure, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental justice. He believes that government should fundamentally represent and work for the working class, not wealthy interests.

We encourage all socialists, leftists, and progressives in Doylestown Township and Bucks County to support Connor's campaign as well. Consider canvassing, phonebanking, or even making a donation to his campaign, which is not accepting funds from corporate donors and PACs. Connor O'Hanlon's run for Doylestown Township Supervisor presents an opportunity to create material change at the municipal level while also building a grassroots movement in Doylestown Township and the rest of Bucks County in line with democratic socialist politics.