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Claudia Cannon is a leading member of the Communist Party of Britain in Wales.


  • Trainee Photography Lecturer at Gower College Swansea
  • Studies PGCE PCET at University of Wales Trinity Saint David

2021 elections


The full results in Wales are now in with 2,837 voting for the Communist Party of Britain across Wales. A fantastic result given that the most recent election campaign held in Wales was back in 2016. It’s certain that Communists in Wales can only build from this result. As Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price brings Plaid Cymru to the right and Labour continues with infighting and failing to oppose the Tories, the case for the Communist Party in Wales has never been stronger. Welsh Communists are standing in all five of the regional Senedd with Trevor Jones in North Wales, Claudia Cannon in Mid & West Wales, Laura Picand in South Wales West, Robert Griffiths in South Wales East and Anita Wright in South Wales Central.[1]

CP candidates

In April 2021 the Welsh Communist Party registered 20 candidates to fight the May 6 Snedd elections.

My name is Claudia Cannon, and I’m proud to be standing as the lead candidate for the Communist Party in Mid and West Wales. I’m a trainee arts teacher and member of UCU.

I’m an opponent of NATO and helped organize migrant solidarity events in Swansea in 2016.

I have a track record of campaigning for students’ and workers’ rights, and am still fighting against rising fees, casualisation, and privatisation of education.

Having grown up in the rural mining town of Ammanford during the nineties, I have seen first-hand the ongoing, horrific impact of Thatcher’s attack on miners.[2]



William Paul Society April 30 2021.


…join us on May Day 6pm at a rally held by Communist Party candidates from across Britain. They will be joined by international speakers including Joao Pimenta Lopes, member of the Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party.

Speakers: Robert Griffiths (South East Wales), Judith Cazorla-Rodenas and Akira Allman (GLA London), Steve Handford (Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne), Andrea Burford (North Evington, Leicester), Markus Keaney (High Town, Luton), Aaron Andrew (Longsight, Manchester), Laura Picand (South West Wales), Catrin Ashton (Mid & West Wales), Claudia Cannon (West Wales), Daniel Lambe (Motherwell and Wishaw), Matthew Waddell (Edinburgh Lothian List), communist councillor Darren Turner (Tower, Bury St Edmunds) and international speakers. Chaired by Liz Payne.

Centenary conference

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Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020

Bread and Roses, Culture and Class


YCL Comrades

Young Communist League of Britain webinar April 2020.


Zoe McKeown, Greg & Joanne, Maria, Laura Briggs, Paul, Raymond Mennie, Aiden O'Rourke, Robin Talbot, Sean Mulgrew, Morgan Finnie, Stiofan Barrie, Claudia Cannon, Stephen Cassidy, Emily Vaughan, Keiran Stewart, Daniel Lambe, Rory Pryde, Peter Stoddart.