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Claire Lau

Shahid Buttar volunteers

Shahid for Change July 16 2019·


With Sierra Madre, Genevieve Southwick, Claire Lau, Izaak Meckler, Brad Cohn and Jordan Miller.

San Francisco Berniecrats.

In 2018 Claire Lau, Chair, San Francisco Berniecrats..[1]

Ucasio-Cortez event

Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza August 1, 2018:

I was incredibly proud to serve as volunteer coordinator at the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez event last night!

Thank you, so much, to all of the volunteers who took time out of their evening to help!!

Thank you to Jennifer Bolen, Claire Lau, Ben Becker, Edward Wright, Gabriel Markoff, Kevin Ortiz, and the whole SFPA Welcomes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez organizing committee!


Thank you to San Francisco Latino Democratic Club for electing me to their board, and the board for selecting me as a delegate to the SFPA, giving me the chance to help make this happen. Thank you to everybody in the club for all your hard work in making us such a vital part of the community and the struggle. Thank you, especially, to our speakers Lila Rodriguez Ruiz and Brigitte Davila, for showing them how it's done!