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Citizen Action of New York is the New York state chapter of USAction.[1]

We look for opportunities to accomplish big changes – not small, incremental reforms. We work to elect progressive candidates to office who are committed to these issues.

Our power comes from the grassroots: people coming together to push the edge of the possible. Every new member helps bring New York and America closer to a society that works for all of us!

Citizen Action of New York has eight chapters and affiliates in major cities across New York State. Each is a vibrant local organization with local leadership, paid professional organizing staff, a local agenda and an active, diverse membership. Each has developed a strategy, program and structure to meet the organizing and political challenges that most affect their region. At the same time, all share overall goals and a statewide program.

Citizen Action is proud to be affiliated with these national networks: USAction & Alliance for a Just Society.[2]

Citizen Action/Working Families Party Endorsement


2018 Citizen Action of New York/Working Families Party endorsement.

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