Cinnomin Brothers

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Cinnomin Brothers

Cinnomin Brothers is a Pastry Cook at Your Mom. Former Field Coordinator at Your DADDY Pockets. Lives in St. Louis, Missouri.


Studies at Washington University in St. Louis

YCL Midwest Voter Project

This Fourth of July, 2004, activists from across the country joined activists in Missouri, to defeat George W. Bush. Communist Party USA and Young Communist League USA members, alongside friends and allies from Texas, California, New York, and everywhere in between, have been plugged into local political battles.

The goal of the CPUSA’s Midwest Project was to defeat Bush and the ultra-right in America’s heartland. Central to the Missouri "part of the Midwest Project is helping to elect progressive, pro-labor candidates. Strengthening grassroots coalitions and building a broader movement to defeat Bush is tied directly into the efforts to build the Party and YCL."

After Missouri, the Midwest Project workers went to Ohio.

Participants included Tony Pecinovsky, Docia Buffington, Sheltreese McCoy, Joel Lewis and Cinnomin Brothers.[1]