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Christine Dann

Christine Dann is a New Zealand activist.


Besides campaigning for the Green Party, a Ph.D. on the Global Origins of Green Politics has kept Christine Dann busy, and may soon be published by Allen and Unwin.

She has a couple of forthcoming book ideas, on organic gardening and eating vegetarian, and is also researching food trade and environmental history as a fellow of the Canterbury University geography department.

Uni Feminists

Early 1970s - member of Canterbury University Feminists alongside Robyn Black [1]


1971 - living at 54 Springfield Road, Christchurch with Peter Metcalf. Donated to the Christchurch Mobilisation Committee. [2]


1971 - letter to Canta No. 4 from Christine Dann, Peter Metcalf, Ruth Metcalf, Philip Barnett on keeping CUC going.


1974 - Canterbury delegate on NZUSA July trip to China. [3]

"Radical education group"

1977, May 27, of Auckland, wrote letter to Socialist Action League's Socialist Action. She & M. Darrow trying to form a "radical education group".

Anti SIS rally

1977 Oct. Friday (28th?), from Broadsheet, addressed anti-SIS rally, Queen Street, Auckland.[4]

Abortion conference

1978 supporter of Women's Abortion Rights Conference, Broadsheet.[5]

Values Party

1979 - national administrator for Values Party and on Wellington co-ordinating committee.

The Republican

1980s - writing articles for Bruce Jesson's The Republican.

Clerical Union

1980s - Clerical Workers Union official.


1981 - in Wellington producing fortnightly newsletter Watchfrog (PO Box 9314) on mining - given plug in CAFCINZ's Foreign Control Watchdog.

1982 - Wellington member of CAFCINZ.

The 2000 CAFCA Annual General Meeting was held at the Christchurch WEA on September 18.

Christine Dann and Leigh Cookson spoke from the floor, on behalf of the Greens and GATT Watchdog respectively, on the work being done to educate people about the treaty, and to oppose it.

The 2002 CAFCA AGM was held at the Christchurch WEA on September 23. Approximately 20 members were present. Bill Rosenberg chaired. Apologies were accepted from Rod Donald, Maurice Ward, the Sisters of St Joseph, Ray Scott, Martin Griffiths and Lois Griffiths, Christine Dann, Ann Rosenberg, Helen Kingston, David Zwartz, Bob Leonard, Gillian Southey and Denis O’Connor. A solidarity message was read from Don Ross of the Organisation for Marxist Unity.

Roger Awards

Chief judge Christine Dann (right) with another "critic of foreign ownership in New Zealand", professor Jane Kelsey

In April, 2011, Warner Brothers claimed the top award for the worst transnational corporation operating in New Zealand.

Prime Minister John Key and government won the “accomplice” award, while Peter Jackson won the “special quisling award” – both for their involvement in the Employment Relations (Film Production Work) Amendment Bill, or the so-called Hobbit bill.

Murray Horton, awards organiser and secretary of Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA), said the finalists in the 2010 Roger Awards “were all worthy contenders” but the judges decided that Warner Brothers – “a spectacular late entrant” – came out on top.

Chief judge Christine Dann said Warner Brothers came out on top “for the way it threw its financial and political muscle around Wellington at the end of 2010”.

“Warner Brothers humiliated every New Zealander by being able to change the law to disadvantage workers in their own country.”

Dann said Warner Brothers and the government “let us down as a nation”.

“[Warner Brothers] pulled off a financial coup against our country,” she said.

“The $100 million tax break and publicity subsidy going to Warner Brothers represents around $25 for every man, women and child in New Zealand.”[6]

Peace activism

1983, Oct. 21-24, Dann attended the Annual Peace Workshops at Riverside Community. Addressed plenary session saying we should withdraw from ANZUS; pressure nations to disarm and educate for peace; help victims of repression in East Timor, the Philippines, Central America; and look at double standards in our official policy towards the Soviet Union.

1983 - contact for Peace File.

1983 July/August - wrote article in Broadsheet about peace protests in Wedstern world. Stated that women had said to her the reasons why men make wars is: "Women are basically more loving, caring and nurturing than men - if we were in control wars would cease." and "Men are driven by a will to dominate - even at the risk of annihilation."

1984 - peace group contact.

1984, May 26, helped Owen Wilkes compile anti-ANZUS slide show shown at the CAFCINZ AGM on that date.

1984 June 16, spoke at Beyond ANZUS Conference at Wellington Town Hall, on "Colonialism - the Pakeha Problem". She was an organiser for the conference. Address for Beyond ANZUS Conference is PO Box 9314, Wellington (see above and same as Anti-Bases Coalition, Peace Movement Aotearoa).

Race, Gender, Class

1985 July, editorial adviser on "class" to new Marxist publication Race, Gender, Class.

1985/1989 Editorial adviser to RGC on "class".

Politics seminar

1988, July, former Canterbury University Political Science student, organized Canterbury University seminar on "The Knowledge of politics and the politics of knowledge". [7]


late 1980s, wrote article "Further up from under" in Sites 15, a journal for "radical perspectives on culture".

Electoral reform

1991 March, spokeswoman at Greens national conference, which was warning of "civil unrest of PR not brought in".

1991 April 15, Press reports Green Party yesterday called for referendum on PR for this year. She, as party spokeswoman, said that "the undemocratic electoral system could not continue".

1992 Signatory to Sept.12 ad in Christchurch Press "Vote for MMP" inserted by Electoral Reform Coalition, living in Diamond Harbour.

Letter to Press 26th Nov. 2002, with Martin Oelderink on STV, both from Diamond Harbour.

Women's Conference Against APEC

1999 - speaker at Women's Conference Against APEC, on "APEC, Food and Health."

Environmental activism=

1991 - spokesperson, Diamond Harbour Environment Group.

1999 - New Zealand contact for Jabiluka International (anti Australian uranium mine) leaflet. Living Diamond Harbour.

Green Party

1991/92 - Green Party spokesperson .

1999 Co-Convenor Green Party, living in Diamond Harbour.

2002 - National Campaigns Manager Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, organic garden in Diamond Harbour.

Korea Peace Committee

2003 - coordinating committee Korea Peace Committee Writer, Researcher.

The Green Party's Just Peace newsletter number 33, August 2003, produced by Christine Dann, Tim Hannah and Keith Locke advertised the Call For Peace In Korea.

A new campaign for peace in Korea was launched on August 15, Liberation Day in both Koreas. The Korean Peace Campaign is a New Zealand-based campaign organized by Korean Peace Committee to promote peace on the Korean peninsula, and to advocate resolution of issues between the United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the basis of peaceful negotiation between states in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.
To SIGN ON to the Call for Peace in Korea email Tim Beal.:
We, the undersigned citizens of New Zealand, join with Americans of goodwill in calling on the US government to engage in meaningful negotiations with North Korea:
The Call is open for sign on until November 15, 2003, after which it will be presented to the NZ Government. If you would like a hard copy of the Call and sign-on sheet to circulate, put on peace stalls, etc. please email Christine Dann.


2006 - ShelfRESPECT supporters spokesperson Christine Dann , supporting National Distribution Union strikers in Christchurch.

Save Happy Valley

Top left Rik Tindall, top centre Green Party co-leader Russel Norman, middle row right, wearing Green Part T shirt Christine Dann, middle row, second from right Alan Liefting, bottom left Mojo Mathers

According to the Save Happy Valley Coalition website , on 14th March 2006;

“Twenty-two members of the Green Party, of various ages, walked into Happy Valley for the weekend to show their support to members of the indefinite occupation.
Green Party members tramped into the valley with packs laden with fresh fruit, vegetables, first aid supplies, and tarpaulins for the current occupiers, and cooked them dinner to show their appreciation for the courageous effort being made to protect this pristine New Zealand eco-system. The Save Happy Valley Coalition is grateful for the support shown by members of the Green Party and is pleased to be able to share interest and concern, as well as a decent meal, with members of the party.”

The Green group included lontg time Marxist Rik Tindall, Aoraki policy networker Felix Collins, Party Development co-ordinator (now co-leader) Russel Norman, Aoraki Executive Networker Natalie Cutler-Welsh, Christine Dann, and 2005 election candidates Mojo Mathers and Alan Liefting.


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