Christine Blasey

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Christine Blasey

Christine Blasey is a Palo Alto Stanford University professor associated with the Silicon Valley chapter of the leftist activist group Indivisible.

Claims that she was assaulted by Judge Brett Kavanaugh

In September 2018, Christine Blasey sent a letter to Rep. Anna Eshoo, a Palo Alto Democrat in a story first reported by Ryan Grim of the leftist publication founded by Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept.[1] claiming that Judge Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her in the 1980s when he was "stumbling drunk." Judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump to serve on the United States Supreme Court.

Activist with Indivisible

Silicon Valley branch of Indivisible agitates against Judge Brett Kavanaugh weeks before accusations were brought against him by Christine Blasey.
Indivisible organizes against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. (screenshot of website)
Google Search Results Screenshot as of Sept 16 2018

Christine Blasey's social media footprint was effectively scrubbed in the wake of her accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but her association with leftist activist group Indivisible was still evident in Google searches. Indivisible was among other far-left groups who aggressively organized against Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. An entire section of their main website, "Your Senators Are Home For Recess. Tell Them to #StopKavanaugh and #SaveSCOTUS" was dedicated to stop Brett Kavanaugh.[2]

According to their website, Indivisible's mission is to "cultivate and lift up a grassroots movement of local groups to defeat the Trump agenda, elect progressive leaders, and realize bold progressive policies."[3]

Signed a letter criticizing President Trump's immigration policy

Christine Blasey signed an open letter dated June 14 2018 initiated by the Soros-funded[4] Physicians for Human Rights (Executive Director is Donna McKay) to Department of Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen and Attorney General Jeff Sessions expressing "grave concerns" about illegal immigrant families being separated at the border.[5]

Lead Signatories

March for Science

Christine Blasey was quoted in an article at Mercury News by Lisa M. Krieger [6] published April 21, 2017 about her involvement in the March for Science:

"“It’s a science party!” said biostatistician Christine Blasey, of Palo Alto, who will wear an elaborately knitted cap of the human brain — yarn turned into a supersized cerebral cortex — inspired by the “pussy hats” donned during the Women’s Marches."