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Chris Pappas (New Hampshire, District 1), won election in 2018.


Chris Pappas for House (D-NH-01)


Rep. Chris Pappas won this open seat in 2018 that has flipped back and forth between Republicans and Democrats. He is determined to be the first Representative from the district in years to win re-election. The district is now rated “Lean Democratic,” although Republicans will work hard to claim the seat.

After graduating from Harvard College, Pappas returned to New Hampshire to help run his family’s restaurant. He was elected to the New Hampshire House at the age of 22 where he served two terms, served three terms on the state’s Executive Council, before his election to the House of Representatives. To win this House seat, he had to survive a 10-person Democratic primary. He serves on the Veterans’ Committee.

The Pappas campaign proudly proclaims that he made history in 2018 as New Hampshire’s first openly gay member of Congress.

On the Executive Council, Chris helped lead the fight to expand Medicaid to 50,000 Granite Staters. In the House, he has scored a perfect 100% on key House votes on national security issues. He has argued that “It’s long past time to bring U.S. involvement in Afghanistan to a close,” and suggests that the U.S. should use diplomacy and international institutions to confront the rise of authoritarian governments.

Support from Onward Together

Onward Together supported Chris Pappas as a candidate for the 2018 midterm elections.[1]

"Green New Deal"

From the Sunrise Movement:[2]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has released a proposal for a Select Committee on a Green New Deal, a plan that would transform our economy and society at the scale needed to stop the climate crisis.

We have the momentum to make a Green New Deal real, but we need a critical mass of Congresspeople to support the proposal.

Take action on Dec. 10 to show Congress the Green New Deal is a top priority.

Congressional supporters by December 20 2018 included Chris Pappas.

DSA lobbying Senate and Congress

Southern NH DSA May 24 2019·


We sat down with staff from the offices of both Senator Shaheen & Senator Hassan this week to discuss the Sanders Medicare for All Act of 2019.

Sen Shaheen has not ruled out cosponsoring in this session, but both Senators and their staff want more phones calls.

We've been so busy turning out hundreds of calls and letters a month to Rep Chris Pappas and Rep Ann McLane Kuster that we overlooked our colleagues in the Senate. Let's get those phones ringing!

We'd like to thank both of the Senator's staff for taking the time to meet with us and our partners. We look forward to both of our Senator's sponsorship of this incredibly important legislation.


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