Chicago Political Rallies

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Chicago Political Rallies

This page is for miscellaneous political and ideological rallies in Chicago which feature Chicago political figures and issues. It will serve as a catch-all site for these events but the value of it is that various names of organizations and individuals will appear here that won't have their own KW page due to their small size.

"Chicagoans to vote on liberties, jobs, Iraq"

From the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) newspaper, People's Weekly World (PWW), Feb. 28 - March 5, 2004, P. 4, by Shelly Richardson Jr, was a story entitled "Chicagoans to vote on liberties, jobs, Iraq" concerning a 49th Ward voters meeting to discuss three referenda:

  • "Should the voters of this ward protect their constitutional rights by opposing President Bush's newly established executive power to secretly arrest and secretly imprison any citizen or immigrant?"
  • "Should the voters of this war call upon the federal government to enact a job and economic stimulus program that (a) extends unemployment insurance (b) restores tax cuts for families with incomes between $10,500 and $26,650, (c) lowers the dollar to a sustainable level so that manufacturing jobs are created (d) rebuilds America's decaying infrastructure, and (e) meets the growing demand for skilled workers in health care, education and technology?"
  • "Should the voters of this ward support phasing in United Nations authority for Iraq and phasing out U.S. troops, and transferring the $66 billion in occupation costs to the process of debt cancellation for poort nations, starting with African countries devastated by AIDS?"

Speaking at the meeting, or to the PWW were: