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The Chicago Political Economy Group evolved from a Political Economy study group formed at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois circa 1995. Members of CPEG include academics, political activists and others who have a serious interest in progressive political economy.[1]

Group Members

As at March 9, 2010, the following were members of the group:[1]

New members

As of January 2013;[2]

  • Ursula Mlynarek is a graduate student at Roosevelt University in the Economics Department.
  • Dee Wernette is retired from two positions: Sociologist/Demographer, Argonne National Laboratory, 1979-2001, and Professor of Sociology, Lewis University, 1981-2007.

Jobs and the Future of the US Economy

On Oct. 1, 2010, Chicago Political Economy Group, the Howard University Economics Department, the National Jobs for All Coalition, the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, and the U.S. Solidarity Economics Network sponsored an event entitled "Jobs and the Future of the US Economy: Possibilities and Limits". The event was held at the Armour J. Blackburn University Center at Howard University, Washington, D.C..[3]

The purpose of the event was summarized as follows: "The US economy is in the midst of the greatest jobs crisis since the Great Depression. But this crisis is more than a short run phenomenon. For many decades we have experienced a long-term failure to generate jobs for all. A fundamental restructuring of the US economy is essential to overcome both the crisis and reverse the long term failure to generate jobs. A number of proposals have been offered to make jobs a central priority of US economic policy. Our purpose in calling this conference is to bring together the proponents of these various programs, to discuss their similarities and differences, and develop a strategic perspective on how to proceed."

The program of events for the day was as follows:

Morning Session I: Jobs Proposal Presentations:

Morning Session II: Summary and Discussion of Similarities and Differences of Jobs Programs:

Afternoon Session: Strategic and Political Considerations:

DSA Link

Ron Baiman, Bill Barclay and Sidney Hollander, members of the organization, are also members of the Democratic Socialists of America.

On November 14, 2009, Bill Barclay, member, DSA, and member, Chicago Political Economy Group, addressed the DSA National Convention in Chicago, Illinois about CPEG's Jobs Program.[4]