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Celestino Cordova

Template:TOCnestleft Celestino Cordova is a Connecticut activist.

2001, Solidarity with the Charleston 5

The May Day Supplement, page C, to the People's Weekly World May 12 2001, carried a dedication from "Connecticut labor and community activists standing in solidarity with the Charleston 5"

Signers included Celestino Cordova.

Peace Commission

The City of New Haven Peace Commission is an organ of the City of Hartford Connecticut. It was organized in the 1980s by Communist Party USA leader Alfred Marder and has been infiltrated by local communists ever since.

Members in 2009;[1]

Likes the Peoples World

On his Facebook page Celestino Cordova, claims to like the Communist Party USA newspaper, Peoples World[2]

Award from Rosa DeLauro

De Lauro and Cordova

He waited nearly 60 years to receive the combat medals he won in Korea. But the "love and accolades of area Latino leaders for Celestino Cordova as the man on whose shoulders they stand meant every bit as much as the overdue honor from his days with a Puerto Rican combat unit."

Admirers gathered at the Fair Haven Elderly Apartments community room on Saltonstall Avenue in June 2010 to witness U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro pin on 81-year old Cordova the combat infantry badge, sharp shooter badge and several others.

Cordova earned these honors during service, including hand-to-hand combat, with a reconnaissance unit within the fabled Borinqueneers of the all-Puerto Rican 65th U.S. Army Regiment during the Korean War.[3]

Postcards to DeLauro

The genius of the Social Security system is that it ties generations together," emphasized Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-3) at August 2010, kickoff event for Social Security's 75th birthday held at the Communist Party USA run New Haven People's Center by the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans . "I pay in for my mother during my working life, and in the future my children will pay in for me," she said, adding that it will never become insolvent.

Addressing a packed room decorated with balloons and a birthday cake, DeLauro decried attempts to privatize or limit Social Security, citing the fact that millions of seniors, disabled and children would fall into poverty without this program.

Communist Party supporter Celestino Cordova, a Fair Haven resident who works with seniors, presented DeLauro with postcards filled out earlier in the program by the 70 participants who ranged in age from 9 to 89, calling on Congress to reject any proposals to raise the retirement age or cut benefits. The postcard campaign and birthday parties will continue through the month of September.[4]

People's Center party

On December 19, 2011, the Communist Party USA controlled New Haven People's Center held a holiday party and "recognition" of Celestino Cordova for a "lifetime of public service and leadership to improve the quality of life in the Puerto Rican community and for all people". [5]

Veteran's petition

August 25, 2012, a "group of veterans" called on Governor Dannel Malloy to restore the request for funding for restoration of 37 Howe Street, site of the Communist Party USA's New Haven People's Center.

The Governor removed the item from the state bonding budget after an opposition group from outside New Haven, citing their veteran status, protested the proposed funding on the grounds that Communists are part of the building. The bonding request would restore brick work on the 1851 Italianate structure which is a site on the Connecticut Freedom Trail.

The announcement was made as the New Haven Peoples Center celebrated its 75th anniversary with a family backyard cookout and cultural event including music and children's crafts. After supporters crowded on the front lawn for a group photograph, messages of solidarity and support were delivered by elected officials, labor leaders and community activists.

The letter from the veterans reads in part: "We deplore the manipulation of a few Veterans, for narrow political purposes, who do not understand that the New Haven Peoples Center is an historic building,

We call for the restoration of the request of the New Haven Peoples Center for funding.

Democratic Party

In 2013 Cordova was Fair Haven Democratic Co-Chair.[7]

Los Borinqueneers

President Barack Obama signed a bill June 2014, y honoring the 65th Infantry Regiment, a unit of soldiers largely from Puerto Rico known as Los Borinqueneers with the Congressional Gold Medal.

Retired Staff Sergeants Celestino Cordova and Joe Pickard, two veterans from Connecticut, were among dozens of Borinqueneers from all over the country who traveled to Washington, D.C. for the bill signing.

"The guys are very happy and it's history in the making," said Retired Sgt. First Class Carmelo Figueroa, president of the Hispanic-American Veterans of Connecticut.

"It was a hugely joyous and powerfully moving moment for all of us," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Sen. Chris Murphy, among others, have advocated for the past year for legislative approval of the gold medal for the unit. The measure was approved last month by the U.S. House and the Senate.

Blumenthal said Obama met with the veterans privately a few minutes before the bill signing ceremony in the South Court Auditorium. Obama greeted the veterans in Spanish with, "Mucho gusto" and "Felicidades."

The president thankedd the Borinqueneers for their service and handed each a presidential coin.

During the ceremony, Blumenthal said he stood on stage with several of the Borinqueneers while the president signed the bill into law.[8]



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