Cathy Casey

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Cathy Casey

Cathy Casey is a New Zealand activist. She is the former partner of Matt McCarten. She is an Auckland Councillor, for the Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward.

City Vision


Pippa Coom September 15, 2019 ·

The City Vision whanau of candidates. A great team to campaign alongside — with Peter Haynes, Julia Maskill, Kurt Taogaga, Margi Watson, Peter Davis, Yeshe Dawa, Kyle MacDonald, Julie Fairey, Richard Northey, Jon Turne, Bernadette Power, Kerrin Leoni, Mark Graham, Adriana Avendano Christie, Christina Robertson, Alex Bonham, Catherine Farmer, Bobby Shen, Patrick Cummuskey, Glenda Fryer, Godfrey J. Rudolph, Cathy Casey, Harry Doig, Graeme Gunthorp, Mush Tubbs, Anne-Marie Coury, Julie Sandilands, Anne-Marie Coury, Clera Pasina Matafai, Helen Gaeta, Jo Agnew, Linda Cassells, Shail Kaushal and Jeanette Thorne.

Harassment contact

1994 - Harassment Contact Network Auckland University.

Workers Charter

On July 2, 2005, a Steering Committee of 20 - emerged from a Workers Charter meeting. Held in Auckland, those in attendance were (in alphabetical order) :

2005 - listed in Unity Sept. as endorsing Workers Charter, Auckland City Councillor.