Catherine Spaeth

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Catherine Spaeth

Catherine Spaeth joined St. Catherine University in August 2007 as director of the Office of Global Studies[1].


Catherine Spaeth has a Ph.D. in American Studies[2].

DSA member

Catherine Spaeth was involved with Democratic Socialists of America in the early 1990's[3].

I was a member of DSA in Columbus, Ohio during the ‘92 election, and our country had not yet reached the place where a public school education was derided as a form of socialism. Clinton, with a single-payer health -plan on his platform, was actually elected into office. And to be endorsed by a rinky-dink socialist organization was not big enough a story to be attended to in the press. Heck, we ran a DSA member within the democratic party against John Kasich for Congress, and nobody cared to call that a story.

In 1993 Catherine Spaeth was a member of Central Ohio Democratic Socialists of America ).[4]