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Carol Widom

Carol Ramos Widom ... is a retired NYC public school teacher living in Brooklyn. She is active in the struggle for Puerto Rican social justice.

Peoples World

Carol Ramos contributed an article to the Peoples World, November 27, 2017 "Washington march for Puerto Rico demands stepped-up rebuilding effort."

People's Daily World

In 1986 Carol Ramos was Editor of Nuestro Mundo, the Spanish language version of the Communist Party USA newspaper People's Daily World[1]

Campaigning for Baraka


In 2014 Carol Widom campaigned for Ras Baraka for Mayor of Newark.

Communist Party tabling

Estevan Nembhard, August 11, 2015. ·

We are tabling at Harlem Week this weekend. Help us build the New York State Communist Party into a political force in Harlem and throughout the city and state. — with Divino DeNegro, Chris Herrera, Carol Widom, Jose L. Sanchez, Radhames Morales, David Unger, Bayby Bling Bling, Susan DiRaimo, Gianna Leo Falcon, Lydia Bassett Tyner, Karim Lopez, Chris Butters, Ava Farkas, Gail Walker, Joselina Fay Rodriguez, Roberto J. Mercado, Sara Ladino Cano, William Camarada and Drew King.

Alicka Samuel connection


Carol Widom with Alicka Samuel, 2017:


John Bachtell, Carol Widom

At the invitation of the Communist Party of China, a delegation from the Communist Party USA toured China May 26-June 3 2018, and attended a conference on the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth. John Bachtell, the party’s chairman, and Carol Widom represented the CPUSA at the conference.[2]

2019 CPUSA convention



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