Carol Beaumont

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Carol Beaumont

Carol Beaumont is a New Zealand Member of Parliament.


Beaumont says her late father Ron takes credit for teaching her how to speak out and fostered debate, but also sowed the seeds of feminism in her when he dismissed her wish to follow in his footsteps and become a mechanic as "unsuitable for a girl". She was chairwoman of the Melville High School Student Council, worked as a cleaner and was in the Cleaners' Union.


1984 NZUSA Research officer.

In 1985 Beaumont left her NZUSA Research position, for the Nurses Association.


In 1991, Beaumont was spokesman for Gay and Lesbian Unionists for Equality. GLUE was formed in 1990.


1995 National Distribution Union spokesman.

2000 Resigned from the NDU.


In 2003 Carol Beaumont elected as CTU Secretary.

I am delighted to announce that Carol Beaumont has been elected unopposed as our new Secretary,Council of Trade Unions president Ross Wilson said today.
Carol Beaumont was on Friday elected unopposed by the 34 CTU affiliated unions representing more than 300,000 union members as CTU Secretary to replace Paul Goulter who is resigning for personal reasons.

Carol has more than 20 years experience as a union official in the health and retail sectors during a very difficult period, Ross Wilson said.
Her leadership role in the National Distribution Union as National Retail Secretary, and her work during the past three years as the Director of the CTU Organising Centre in Auckland, equip her well to play a key leadership role in continuing to rebuild the union movement in New Zealand.

Labour Party

2002 No 43 on Labour Party list, union worker.

2003 LPRB rep. on LP NZ Council.

Closing the pay gap

Press Release: New Zealand Government, 22 May 2003.

Labour Minister Margaret Wilson today announced the establishment of a taskforce to progress pay and employment equity between women and men in the public service, in the public health sector and in the education sector.
The Taskforce will analyse how factors influencing pay and employment equity apply in those sectors and develop a five-year plan of action to address them. Beaumont one of 3 CTU reps.
National secretary for Council of Trade Unions for five years. Trained as a teacher and worked as adult educator, involved in women's and students' groups, and in community health.