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Carla Batista is a New Zealand activist.

New Zealand Cuba Friendship Society

Cuba Solidarity - New Zealand Cuba Friendship Society public Facebook group. February 16 2020.

Members included Carla Batista.

Cuban Embassy connection

Embassy of Cuba in New Zealand April 2 2019:


With Katjoesja Buissink, Pat Bolster, Karim Dickie, Leima Martínez Freire, Gillian Magee, Adrian Guerrero, Saimin Fis Abad and Carla Batista.

NZ Committee to Free the Cuban Five

Circa 2009, the list of Initiating Members and Supporters of the New Zealand Committee to Free the Cuban Five, included Adrian Guerrero, Carla Batista, Katia Cisternas, Victor Batista, Tomas Guerrero, Nicolas Guerrero, Nadia Batista, Cristian Batista, Enrique Batista, Antonia Marchesse, (Latin Americans living in NZ).[1]

US Embassy letter/Cuban 5

On 6 April 2009 US Embassy in Wellington refused to accept a hand delivered letter from MPs, City Councillors, trade unionists, church leaders,academics and other New Zealanders calling on the US Government not to oppose the petition to the US Supreme Court for the release of the Cuban 5.

An attempt to deliver the letter was made by Wellington City Councillor, Ray Ahipene-Mercer and Secretary of the Weliington Cuba Friendship Society Gillian Magee but US Embassy Guards said they would not accept a hand delivered letter.[2]

Dear Attorney General Holder
We, the undersigned New Zealanders are writing this letter to you on the eve of the US Government submitting a brief in response to the 30 January 09 petition to the Supreme Court and the twelve separate amicus curiae briefs that were filed in the US Supreme Court on 6 March 2009 regarding the unjust incarceration of five Cuban citizens - Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, René González Sehweret, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez and Fernando González Llort - known as the Cuban 5.
We urge the United States Government to acknowledge that a complete miscarriage of justice has taken place regarding the Cuban 5 and to support, rather than oppose, a review of the conviction by the Supreme Court. We urge you to immediately release the Cuban 5.

Signatories included Carla Batista.

Latin American Solidarity Committee

Webb-Pullman enjoys close ties to Cuba's New Zealand ambassador.


From Latin American Solidarity Committee Minutes, meeting Sunday 9th December 2007, 272 Ohiro Road, Wellington. 5pm

Present: Paul Bruce, Nicole Benkhert, Lucia Zanmonti, Mercedes Gazaron, Lorena Gonzales, Ben Robinson, Carla Batista, Melissa, Metien, Neil, Ron Apologies: Jorge Hererra, Rolando Olmedo, Toni Carson, Michelle Campbell Minute Taker: Julie Webb-Pullman.

Cuban Embassy – discussed opening of Cuban Embassy in NZ, how LAC can work with them. Decided to invite the new Ambassador and his wife to a social event at Havana Bar in the next two weeks, to welcome them and explain what LAC does, investigate ways of working together. Carla said her father is very interested in meeting them, helping set up a Cuban Friendship Society here, but he is only in NZ for a few months more.

Some discussion about LAC as umbrella for other groups such as Zapatista Support Group, Cuba Friendship Society, danger of spreading too thinly. Needs more discussion in January/after speaking with Ambassador. Action: JWP to contact Ambassador to find which day suits him for welcome, notify LAC list.