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Carl Stokes was the first black Mayor of Cleveland Ohio and the brother of Congressman Louis Stokes.

Exploiting the black vote

Around October 1971 Percy Sutton returned to Chicago, for another smokefilled- room meeting plus the third annual Black Expo, the black trade show — cultural fair sponsored by Jesse Jackson's Operation Breadbasket, the economic action wing of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Sutton was going to run one of the political seminars that will be a part of Black Expo, which has drawn around 500,000 visitors during its first two years and is aiming at 750,000 this time in its Sept. 29-Oct 3 run.

Sutton, along with Rep. John Conyers, D.-Mich., Cleveland mayor Carl Stokes and Gary, Ind., mayor Richard Hatcher, were to be giving chalk talks on how to register voters and what to do with them when you have them registered, which is get them to vote as a bloc.[1]


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