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Cante Heart is an Organizer at NDNCollective. Lives in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Manages MMIW He Sapa, SD Education Equity Coalition and He Sapa Otipi.

Historic run

In 2019 five Native women made history by seeking public office in Rapid City, South Dakota, though none won their seats in an election.

For mayor, Natalie Stites Means was defeated by incumbent Steve Allender. She secured 25 percent of the vote to Allender's 75 percent, according to the unofficial results.

Additionally, four Native women ran for seats on the city council. In Ward 1, Terra Houska won 23 percent of the, Ramona Herrington won 46 percent in Ward 2, Stephanie Savoy won 16 percent in Ward 3 and Cante Heart won 28 percent in Ward 5.

All five candidates were running for office for the first time. Despite the city's large Native population -- about 11 percent of the total -- there are no Native representatives in local government.[1]

Council run supporters

Cante Heart June 4 2019·


Thank you to everyone who voted and supported my campaign! I greatly appreciate the many contributions of energy, time and financial support. I am honored and grateful that you joined me in my pursuit to bring a fresh perspective to the city council. Unfortunately, we came up short in this election; but I believe in the power of the message we ran on and the work it required to bring us here. I want to encourage everyone to join me and continue to work to bring a fresh perspective to Rapid City government. This election is an excellent start and though tonight our hearts might be heavy; I believe we must stay committed to our purpose. This is only the beginning! — with Kellen Returns, Whitnee Pearce, Judith LeBlanc and Valeriah Rose Big Eagle.

Council confrontation

Karissa Loewen March 5 2019·


We were awesome. Our City Council was not. At least they had to endure our eloquence before they tried to tell us that their all-White Council knows better than a crowd of mostly Indigenous people what is racist and what isn’t. The very people who commit genocide are honored. The people who created and defend this system that generates massive poverty and suffering are sitting on mountains of cash... See More — with Chase Iron Eyes, Maza Tipi Oyate, Jaynee Grace Hall, Ramona Herrington, Cante Heart, Julie Santella, Tonia Stands, Cassidy Godfrey and Nat Stites.

Native American activists

Cante Heart October 19 2019


With Colleen Dodge, Cherilyn Yazzie, Terrell IronShell, Phillip E. Ironshell, Faith Spotted Eagle, Judith LeBlanc and Shelley Means.

Cante Heart· October 19 2019·


With Colleen Dodge, Kristin Welch, Lauren Crowe, Rodney McCord, Maria Haskins, Tonya Kaloa, Cherilyn Yazzie and Judith LeBlanc.