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Camil Williams

Aqua Moon

Aqua Moon is the writing, performance, and artistic team of Camil Williams and Veronica Precious Bohanan, an entity of SpokenExistence, Inc[1].

The duo bridges the gap between the streets, hip-hop feminism, performance activism, and academia. AquaMoon is a voice for disenfranchised womyn and youth, until they are empowered and able to assert themselves and use their own voice. This dedicated and talented team generates new discourse on womyn and gender issues by upholding their motto, ‘Dismantling the Culture of Silence,’ and by writing/directing their socially-conscious choreopoems, "Aqua Beats and Moon Verses: Volume I" and "Volume II – Brotha…Wassup Sun?." Their work follows in the tradition of Ntosake Shange’s groundbreaking ‘for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf,” and Eve Ensler’s, “Vagina Monologues".
Since tbe debut of "Volume I and II," the playwrights have adapted their productions for audiences of various ages, added live instrumentation to the full-cast performances, implemented an educational component, developed workshops, and have performed their two-womon show nationwide. In October 2006, they transcended the stage with the print publication of their first production, Aqua Beats and Moon Verses: Volume I. AquaMoon works with educational and community-based organizations to effect social change that will result in greater equality, freedom, and fuller lives for womyn and youth.

Ella's Daughters

In 2009 Caril Williams was a member of Chicago based organization Ella's Daughters-A network of artists, scholars and writers working in the tradition of militant Civil rights activist Ella Baker[2].

We are a loose network of women who respect and admire Baker’s legacy, and are either interested in or already engaged in work that represents a continuation of her democratic, egalitarian humanistic tradition. We do not want to reinvent the wheel or duplicate or compete in any way with existing efforts. An argument can be made that the potential for a renewed progressive movement already exists and is embedded in the local trench work of organizers like Ella Baker.

Prominent members include Bernardine Dohrn, Tracye Matthews, Camille Odeh and Barbara Ransby.

The Movement for Black Lives

The Black Lives Matter "Movement for Black Lives" conference was held in Cleveland Ohio, July 24-26, 2015.

The Art of Revolution: Collectively Organizing for Reproductive Justice At The Intersection of Art and Activism, Monica Raye Simpson, Camil Williams.[3]