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CAIR - Connecticut is a Connecticut affiliate of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Waterbury Human Rights Commission

Fahd Syed

CAIR - Connecticut August 21, 2017.

Congratulations to CAIR - Connecticut Board Director Fahd Syed on being appointed to the Waterbury Human Rights Commission.[1]

CAIR-CT Executive Director

CAIR - Connecticut February 17 2018: ·


We are pleased to announce that Alicia Hernandez Strong has joined us as our new Executive Director. Alicia is currently President of the Muslim Student Association Council of Connecticut. She also sits on the Muslim Leadership Association of Connecticut, and she has led voter registration drives at 10 masjids across the state.

Alicia grew up in New Britain, Connecticut, and she converted to Islam as a junior in high school after working with refugees from Kosovo. She speaks fluent Spanish and works with other Hispanic converts. Alicia is currently a senior at Wesleyan University where she is finishing her degree in Government and Religion.

Voter drive

CAIR - Connecticut June 21 2018.


CAIR - Connecticut is preparing to start our statewide voter engagement program. We need volunteers who are motivated and ready to mobilize thousands of Muslim voters across the state.

Contact Hoda Mousa.

Universal Health Care

CAIR - Connecticut July 24 2018:

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut to kick of our first voter engagement campaign. We will be working to educate voters about the political process, register people to vote and mobilize voters to show up to the polls on Election Day.
Health care accessibility will be a core component of our campaign. Around 10% of US physicians are Muslims even though Muslims make up about 1% of the US population. This makes the Muslim community particularly suited to engage with health care policy issues.
Additionally, almost half of Muslims living in the US live below the poverty line. Many are unemployed, underemployed or self-employed making access to quality health care difficult. Healthcare policy directly impacts the Muslim community. [2]

Himes panel

CAIR - Connecticut July 30 2018:


Thank you Congressman Jim Himes for hosting an informative panel about equity, inclusion and diversity in Connecticut. CAIR-CT ED Alicia Strong spoke to a full crowd at Norwalk Library.

CAIR scholarship

CAIR - Connecticut May 7 2018


We are excited to announce that Anusha Atique has been awarded the CAIR-CT Scholarship.

Anusha is a sophomore at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU), majoring in biology. She is an honors student who is very active on campus. She is the Vice President and Co-Founder of the WCSU Muslim Students Association and she tutors biology in the WCSU Student Resource Center.

"Dynamic duo"

CAIR - Connecticut May 4 2018:


CAIR-CT’s dynamic duo, Hoda Mousa and Alicia Strong, in Washington D.C. at CAIR National headquarters!

They’ll be training with CAIR staff from across the country. InshaAllah they’ll learn a lot and bring that knowledge back to Connecticut. #MuslimahsInAction — at CAIR.

"Solidarity with Charlottesville"

August 14 2017 - CAIR - Connecticut community activists and organizers rally in solidarity with Charlottesville anti-racist protestors CAIR-CT community activist Fahd Syed and CAIR-CT community organizer Nariman Omar organized a rally in solidarity with the recent events that have taken place in Charlottesville, VA. CAIR national as well as CAIR-CT have condemned the white supremacist groups that met up and rallied in Charlottesville.

The rallies and vigils also drew the attention of Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

"The failure to denounce these hate groups, specifically, condones them and, in effect, encourages them," Blumenthal said.[3]

Murphy connection

CAIR - Connecticut February 5, 2017:


Sen. Chris Murphy with CAIR CT Chairperson Farhan Memon.

CAIR organized meeting

Senator Chris Murphy, D-Conn., visited New Haven February 2017 to meet with constituents about major issues that have arisen in the two weeks since President Donald Trump took office.

In the evening, Murphy joined a group of Mosque leaders and other Muslims from across Connecticut at Yale Law School to talk about Trump’s executive order on immigration as well as other problems facing the Muslim community under the new administration.

“I want to fight this hand and hand with you,” Murphy told the approximately 30 Mosque leaders. “This is about political action at every level.”

Since Trump assumed the presidency on Jan. 20, Murphy has emerged as a leading voice of opposition in the Senate, especially on issues relating to refugees and immigration. On the day the president issued his immigration ban, Murphy responded with a Huffington Post op-ed titled “How Trump Just Made America Less Safe.” The following week he introduced legislation to block the ban.

Murphy did not mince words on Friday when describing the United States’ diminishing role as an international moral leader.

“We are shrinking today,” he said. “We are not respected in the world today. We are laughed at. What we are doing today is criminally immoral.”

Farhad Memon, the Connecticut chairperson of the Council on American Islamic Relations and one of Yale Law event’s chief organizer, said the gathering was intended primarily as a chance for Murphy to listen.

“We wanted to get together with Senator Murphy to discuss concerns that the community has at large,” Memon told the News. “He’s someone who’s out there on the Hill advocating for the rights of all Americans, but this was a way for him to hear directly from perhaps a constituency that is directly affected by everything that’s going on.”

While he appreciated Murphy’s realism and acknowledged the limitations of the Senator’s office, Memon said he hoped the Murphy would exercise the “power of the bully pulpit” on behalf of the Muslim community. The community’s job, Memon said, will be to press Murphy to advocate for it even when he might not feel “comfortable” doing so.

For Sajjad Khan, a Bangladeshi immigrant who now lives in New London, the meeting offered a chance to air his grievances about the Trump administration’s “civil right violations” and to show his support for Murphy. Khan said he was pleased with the message Murphy delivered and thought the Senator spoke earnestly. Still, Khan expressed concern about the ways in which American attitudes toward Muslims have changed recently.

“I came here as an immigrant, and then I became a citizen,” he said. “I am now feeling that I am not a U.S. citizen anymore. I’m a foreigner living in my own home.”[4]


MSA-CT is teaming up with CAIR-CT again for their annual fundraising dinner!

"I hope you can join us for this great event. Please fill out the form online to secure your table or ticket and show your generous support for CAIR!!!

The event will take place on Sunday, December 22, 2013 at the West Hartford Conference Center (Town Hall), 50 Main Street, West Hartford CT, and promises to be both inspiring and motivating.

The theme of our 9th annual banquet, Faith in Freedom, speaks to the resilience of our community and our continued involvement in the fight to uphold justice for all. Our keynote speaker will be attorney Norm Pattis, who will speak on “Islamophobia – 3 Faces of the New Racism”. We will also be joined by Imam Siraj Wahhaj from Masjid At-Taqwa in New York, Susan Campbell of the Hartford Courant, and attorney Hassan Shibly the Executive Director of CAIR in Florida. Other invited speakers include Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Chris Murphy, and Congressman John B. Larson.[5]

Blumenthal meeting

CAIR - Connecticut December 16, 2016.


CAIR CT organized a meeting today with several members of the Muslim community and Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Sen. Blumenthal promised to speak out forcefully and oppose any form of a Muslim Registry. He said he would vigorously question Jeff Sessions who has been nominated for Attorney General for racist statements he has made in the past and also question whether Gen. Mike Flynn is suitable t... See More — with Farhan Memon, Richard Blumenthal and Mongi Dhaoudi at Islamic Center of CT -.

2016 CAIR CT dinner

CAIR - Connecticut October 30, 2016.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal speaks at the CAIR Connecticut dinner


Carolyn El-Amin It was a nice program. Great speaker, Linda Sarsour & radio host Dean Obeidallah.

CAIR Lobby day

CAIR - Connecticut March 26, 2013:


CAIR-CT vice president Matiniah Yahya (center right) and community members Pearl Wells (center left), Nasiha Adkins (far right), and Dawn Jackson (second from left) meet with ACLU-CT executive director Andrew Schneider (center) and field organizer Isa Mujahid (far left) at Lobby Day, an annual event organized by the ACLU-CT, the NAACP, the CT State Missionary Baptist Convention, the CT Immigrants' Rights Alliance, and SEIU Local 32BJ. Holding police accountable and protecting the rights of immigrants were the main issues at the March 26th event held at the State Capitol in Hartford.