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Bruce Hobson

Bruce Hobson is a member of Liberation Road|Freedom Road Socialist Organization who connected with 1968 student movement in Mexico City where (he) began to learn about revolutionary politics, and has been involved for a long time in independent health programs in México and Central America. He now works on north coast of Santa Cruz County with non-profit that supports farmworkers.[1]

Bruce Hobson is a board member of HealthWrights. He worked for many years with independent rural health programs.

He is the son of former Venceremos member Jean Hobson.

Proyecto Izquierda Latina

Co-coordinador Proyecto Izquierda Latina.


Javier Bravo January 5 2019 near La Habana, Cuba.

"No hay tiempo que perder."

Con Bruce Hobson, camarada de lucha latina con el proyecto @LiberationRoad.

" There's no time to lose."


With Bruce Hobson, comrade of Latin struggle with the project @LiberationRoad.

Political Regeneration and Hope in Mexico


Political Regeneration and Hope in Mexico, Public · Hosted by Sarah Jarmon and Isaac Ontiveros, Bruce Hobson, Doug Monica, Michelle Foy.

Saturday, July 21 (2018) at 4 PM PDT.

Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC).

Sponsored by Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Center for Political Education.

Javier Bravo, professor of history at the University of Guanajuato, México and representative for México’s left party, MORENA (National Regeneration Movement -- Movimiento Regeneración Nacional) will speak on the post election situation and political crisis in México.[2]


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