British Peace Assembly

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British Peace Assembly


The Communist Party of Britain Peace Commission has met on several occasions and was instrumental in reinvigorating the British Peace Assembly (BPA) in the period since the last Party Congress. This is particularly important in linking the peace movement in Britain with the anti-imperialist, anti-NATO World Peace Council (WPC). Liz Payne attended the WPC Executive in Goa in late 2014 to discuss plans for the revival of BPA activities. The event to relaunch the BPA was held at the Marx Memorial Library on July 31, 2015, on the eve of the Red Star Festival, with Comrade Stavros Tassos of the WPC Executive representing its general secretary, Athanasios Pafilis. It was agreed that the BPA’s activities would include an annual Bernal Lecture, the first of which is being planned for early 2017.

59. The Party recognises the important link between its international work and that of peace and several comrades are active on the International Commission and the Peace Commission, as well as linking with other domiciled sister parties on anti-war issues in relation to specific countries and regions. A number of Party comrades are active within the peace movement in Britain, including in Stop the War and CND and in campaigns relating to individual conflicts such as Ukraine and Syria.[1]

British Peace Assembly Re-launch


Liz Payne Communist Party of Britain, Dr. Stavros Tassos World Peace Council, Meirian Jump Marx Memorial Library at re-launch of the British Peace Assembly.