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Brigid McDonough...

Fundraiser for Barbara Lee

Please join Congresswoman Betty McCollum, Sen. Ellen Anderson, Rep. Keith Ellison, Councilmember Gary Schiff, Erin Ghere, Brigid McDonough, Al McFarlane, Batala McFarlane, Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace, St. Louis Park Neighbors for Peace, Jim Scheibel, and Tammy Tesky in welcoming Congresswoman Barbara Lee Sunday July 13, 2003 at Minneapolis Urban League,

On September 14th, 2001, she courageously cast her lone vote against granting the President a blank check to wage war without constraint and throughout the world. Barbara Lee is a leader in the fight for peace, social justice, and equality.[1]

Wellstone Action

In 2009 Brigid McDonough was listed as a member of the Advisory Board[2] of Wellstone Action, a Minnesota based organization based on the political legacy[3] of that state’s late ‘progressive” Senator Paul Wellstone.

Wellstone Action and Wellstone Action Fund combine to form a national center for training and leadership development for the progressive movement. Founded in January 2003, Wellstone Action's mission is to honor the legacy of Paul and Sheila Wellstone by continuing their work through training, educating, mobilizing and organizing a vast network of progressive individuals and organizations.