Brian Van Dam

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Brian Van Dam

Brian Van Dam is a New Zealand activist.


1990s coach Manuwera Swimming Club.

Radical Society

1999 Auckland editor of Radical Society's Outburst.

From an internet introduction;

Can't remember if I introed myself - my name is Brian van Dam and I'm an activist here in Auckland and am a maths student at Auckland Uni.Have been working on free education fight and in Radical Society Akld (on many anti-capitalist issues) thru the 90's, and with the APEC Action crowd and a few other groups. Looking forward to getting genuinely independant media up and runnning in our neck of the woods


2001 AU Maths Department. Protesting against demolishing university building. [1]

Student politics/protest

1996-2001 Assistant lecturer and tutor Auckland University.

1990-98 member Auckland University Education Action Group.

1993 - standing AUSA environment officer.[2]

2001 - member Quality Public Education Coalition, founding member, Historic Auckland University Society, running as student rep. on university council, Phd student, has BSc and MSc from Auckland. [3]

Staff Union

2000/01 AUS Auckland Treasurer.

2005 - In Maths Department Auckland University.

Anti-WTO Action Group

2001 - Anti-WTO Action Group, Auckland.


2003 - Global Peace & Justice Auckland activist.

Anti Iraq War

2005 - Miriam Pierard, Brian Van Dam and Sam Gila all involved in anti Iraq War demo in Queen Street.[4]


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