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Brian Garry

Brian Garry is a lifelong resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the father of Keegan Garry and Kyle Garry.

Owner at Green City EcoStruction.


Brian Garry was educated entirely in Cincinnati Public Schools and graduated from the School for Creative and Performing Arts. He went on to earn a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati, as well as a B.A. in Art, Theology, and Music Composition. After completing his own education, Garry returned to the CPS system as a teacher for the Sands and North Avondale Montessori schools. He now works for a small, family business that he and his brother have owned and operated for 31 years. [1]


​Throughout his life Brian Garry has worked as an active, political voice for underprivileged communities throughout the city, as well as led numerous projects for the improvement, enrichment, and beautification of Ohio. Most recently, he acted with the 1.5% Coalition to stop the proposed city budget cuts in arts and social service funding. Brian successfully reestablished the St. Francis/St. Joseph Catholic Worker House for homeless men in Over the Rhine, and has advocated for the development and enhancement of the West End, English Woods, Bond Hill, and Over-the-Rhine. ​

Garry restarted Earth Company at the University of Cincinnati and worked for the Toxic Action Project to increase awareness of toxic waste problems across Ohio. In addition to teaching sign language, Brian also opened Deaf Drug Treatment Programs. As a strong supporter of gay equality, Garry was a very active volunteer with successful campaign to Repeal Article XII. Active on numerous Democratic campaigns for the past 25 years, Garry has been a staunch supporter of developing Ohio's work force, setting a livable minimum wage, and ensuring that Cincinnati's hard working families are protected, supported, and heard by City Council.[2]

Jackson connection

Brian Garry with Jesse Jackson, circa 1988

Cincinnati DSA Facebook group

Metro Cincinnati Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook group members, as of October 30, 2017, included Brian Garry.[3]