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Brandy Fortson is a Corvallis Oregon activist.

Backing Albert Lee

Paige Kreisman July 14 2019·


So excited for my friend Albert Lee 2020! — attending Campaign Kickoff with Brandy Fortson and Albert Lee at Mt. Scott Community Center - Portland Parks & Recreation.



Brandy Fortson is a community organizer, parent and queer activist living in Corvallis. They are committed to getting youth on board and engaged in politics and are a firm believer that the DSA is needed to change the culture of politics and society.[1]

School board

Brandy Fortson for Corvallis School Board May 21 at 8:37 PM ·


I’m humbled, excited, and grateful to report that with the current total of votes and being the only named candidate for CSD 509J Director, Position # 6 that I am confidently saying I have won this election.

Not only does being the first openly non-binary person elected to public office in the USA mean so much for representation for adolescents and adults alike it is also crucial in a time where Trans Women of Color are being slain at an all time high to make the space needed for all of us to exist.

The next four years will be difficult both for myself and others as space is made but I’m so enthusiastic and prepared to give my all to enrich, educate, and be present for all parents and students of the Corvallis School District.

Thank you Corvallis for this opportunity.